Saturday, March 19, 2011

'Obama pronounced questions of his citizenship "uncivil." Likewise, "birthers" find Obama's lack of transparency uncivil, and the existence of divided allegiance, at birth or any time, as evidence of ineligibility'

By Cindy Simpson
March 18, 2011

Sir Walter Raleigh, so the legend goes, once threw his cloak over a mud puddle that sullied the path of Queen Elizabeth I.  His chivalrous gesture served to keep Her Majesty's dainty feet free of dirt and to shield the ugly puddle from the Queen's and her loyal subjects' view.  Although such gallantry is rarely seen today, we witness a similar display of devotion as the media fawns and covers for the present ruler of Camelot.

Jack Cashill, author of the recently-released Deconstructing Obama, noted that while the liberal media have protectively and selectively reported every step of this President, conservatives have also "created a firewall around the White House and serve as something of a Republican Guard for its chief inhabitant."

Deconstructing offers substantial arguments that it was not Obama, but a domestic terrorist from his neighborhood, Bill Ayers, who wrote Dreams From My Father. If Cashill's description of Obama's authorship puddle gains the publicity it deserves, it should create such a splash that even the mainstream media cloak could not cover the effect on Obama's reelection prospects.

Potholes are numerous along the royal route from Chicago, and new ones are dug whenever Obama speaks without his loyal teleprompter.  Recently, apparently annoyed by that pesky "birther" fly buzzing around his head, he scoffed:  "I was born in Hawaii. What can I say? I mean, I just, I can't change those facts."

These "facts," and Obama's lack of transparency in supporting them, have not been investigated by mainstream journalists beyond mouseclicks to official campaign or unofficial fact-checking websites

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