Tuesday, May 18, 2010

US Government Guilty of Financing Terrorist Fronts--In America!

Recently we highlighted the heartless plan to build a mega mosque near ground zero, and let's not forget the attempt to create a "Crescent of Embrace" at the sight of the crash of Flight 93.  And if those ideas aren't bad enough, the feds are now aiding (with tax  dollars) a radical mosque that is linked with the 9/11 attacks.  You read that right!  Brought to you by none other than the Obama administration.

God save America from this abomination sitting in our Oval Office.

Ground Zero Mosque
Investor's Business Daily

Political Correctness: While New York City OKs construction of a "monster mosque" at ground zero, the feds pay rent to a D.C. mosque tied to the Pentagon attack. Have we gone totally soft?
Imagine on the 10th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, we let the Japanese erect a cultural center at the site of that attack. Exactly. It would never happen.

So why are Manhattan officials bowing to demands by a group called the American Society for Muslim Advancement to open — on of all days, Sept. 11, 2011 — a 13-story shrine to Islam in the shadow of the beautiful skyscrapers terrorists turned to ashes in the name of Islam? Why aren't they suggesting they do their Islamic "advancement" someplace else? Why of all places there?

[Update:  A Mosque at Ground Zero Equals Victory by Wafa Sultan, May 19, 2010]


  1. I am going to post this again, because I think its that important.

    This is Moslem supremacy at it's core.

    What did the Moslems do when they conquered Jerusalem? They built the Al Aska Mosque.

    They also converted the Hagia Church one of the oldest Churches in Christendom in Istanbul into a Mosque.

    Now they want build ANOTHER TRIUMPHAL Mosque at Ground Zero to commemorate their victory over the Great Satan on 9/11 when all the Muslims danced in the streets for joy and just to subliminally rub it in they want to call it CORDOBA the name of the Capital of Muslim OCCUPIED Spain.

  2. "God save America from this abomination sitting in our Oval Office. "

    We need to arrest him, and try him on charges of treason, and sidition. For crimes against the constitution.