Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Obama Will Be AWOL On Memorial Day

Our Commander-in-Chief (gag!) will go AWOL on Sunday rather than lay the wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier on Memorial Day.  His lackey, VP Joe Biden, will step into Obama's empty shoes.

This man sickens my heart, and he sickens our country.  As far as I'm concerned, he is an absolute traitor to America.

Obama to skip Memorial day tradition
KSLA News 12
May 26, 2010

[Update: On Memorial Weekend, Obama Declares June Gay Pride Month]


  1. Pathetic!!! But it DOES show his "love of country" (HA!)!!

  2. Didn't he do this last year? I vaguely remember that their was a minor up roar over this but not like this year. Though this isn't the first time he has snubbed those that fought to keep our country free.

    On Veterans day last year he was off vacationing and bowing to dictators. His inaugural ball he snubbed the military ball that honors every new president who have active and retired military with medal of honor holders.

    The worst thing about this snub to American's was that he was to meet with Gold Star Mothers...shame on this -- their isn't any words good enough to describe this waste of Mother Earth's resources.

  3. Every bone in my body tells me this man is evil, and a traitor.