Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fraud in the USA: The end of the birth certificate controversy | linked by EricaThunderpaws

The following videos introduce you to the first chapter of Dr. Ronald J. Polland's book, "Fraud in the USA: The end of the birth certificate controversy", which he has been writing over the last two years. Who is Dr. Polland? This Google scholar link explains.

In this video, Dr. Polland illustrates how Politifact used something philosophers call the Liar's Paradox to take the attention away from Obama's natural-born status, direct attention instead towards a false rumor in order to discredit anyone who questions Obama's eligibility status.  As Polland says in the video, the public has been "punked" by Politifact. If you want to better understand the Liar's Paradox, click here and here for further details.


  1. It is truly chilling how the Left has been so conniving and condescending in their deceit.
    The break will come when a media source starts talking about the eligibility issue, and won't let go of it, rather than be silenced by ridicule.

  2. The left-wing media has been holding hands with Obama from the get-go, which is why I think of them as "missionary media" rather than journalists, and the NYT leads the group. As far as they're concerned, mission accomplished. However, most conservative bloggers will not let this dog die, even after BO's term expires.

  3. Gee ... does that mean that the media and Barry would (gasp) LIE???

    They have ALL been so truthful before ... (haven't they??) :-)

  4. i think there are more video which is help more info!