Monday, May 10, 2010

Farrakhan on Obama: 'Before He Was Elected He Was Selected'

Farrakhan explains how he, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, and Father Pfleger brought about the election of Barack Obama as President.


  1. What a bunch of pig crap!

  2. Who are these Anti- Americans who preach hate ( for profit ) and accuse America of every wrong in the world , past present and future ? Are these the same people who live and prosper in the U.S. of A and are protected by the evil U.S. military and police ?
    Message to Louis : You didn't help Obama get in at all . Rather you hurt his chances - not that it mattered . Only in America could this evil, stupid, hate-filled man become a media sensation and get wealthy in the bargain . Have we lost our senses ? He should be in jail or removed to one of his beloved countries like Syria and Libya . Then he'd see the deferential treatment the Muslim Arab gives to the Black man . Perhaps he'd like to return to the Caribbean from whence he came . He's in the U.S. because he has a better shake . Anybody who interviews this moron is a moron .

    ' Nuff Said ,