Saturday, May 22, 2010

Do Supreme Court Justices Really Want To Be Philosopher-Kings?

Too Many Judges Want Authority Beyond Their Constitutional Role
by Thomas Sowell
Investors Business Daily

You might think that being a Supreme Court justice would be the top of the line job for someone in the legal profession.  But many Supreme Court decisions suggest that too many justices are not satisfied with their role, and seek more sweeping powers as supreme policymakers, grand second-guesseers or philosopher kings.

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  2. A coup d'état (English: /ˌkuːdeɪˈtɑː/, French: [ku deta]; plural: coups d'état), or coup, putsch or overthrow, is the sudden unconstitutional deposition of a government, usually by a small group of the existing state establishment—typically the military—to replace the deposed government with another body; either civil or military. A coup d'état succeeds when the usurpers establish their legitimacy if the attacked government fails to thwart them, by allowing their (strategic, tactical, political) consolidation and then receiving the deposed government's surrender; or the acquiescence of the populace and the non-participant military forces.