Friday, May 14, 2010

Jefferson's Rebels Blog Seeks Motivated Co-Authors

Jefferson's Rebels is seeking contributing authors with the following qualifications:
  • Good writing and research skills
  • A broad interest in current events rather than a single-issue focus
  • Conservative values
  • A willingness to publish on a reasonably frequent basis
  • A willingness to moderate comments to your articles should that become necessary
If you have already published articles on the internet, please supply links so that they can be reviewed for compatibility with this blog. (And you should review this blog thoroughly to ensure we are the right venue for your writings.) If you have never published, but are motivated and would like to become an online contributor, we can discuss your interests and abilities by private email.  I am open to new talent so long as the above qualifications are met.

If you are ready to jump in, or if you simply have questions, submit your name and contact details using the Contact form in the sidebar. 


  1. Look, I know that this is off topic but, is it just me that is seeing a correlation between the issues that the elitist's in the Democratic party are against, and these explosions that keep happening?

    Democrat's say they are anti off shore drilling for oil, on an environmental basis of course... And THREE oil platforms blow up, not one, as the media helps to point fingers, but not to examine WHY THEY EXPLODED!!!

    We all know that the Dem's are anti 2nd amendment rights. I have recently heard the Liberal chatter, about how Obama, and crew, are thinking about a new gun control bill. Now I read this this morning.

    I believe that the Government is using people like Bill Aiers to do false flag attacks against the American people, and corporations that are not yet under the Uberments control.


  2. My bad, that first link is a zero, try this one...