Friday, May 28, 2010

Ari David Declares Victory Against Apple The Goliath

By Ari David
Candidate for Congress
California 30th District

In a surprise reversal, Apple computer has approved my iphone application and is allowing it to be distributed in the iphone app store.  Apple had originally declared portions of the application, which are critical of my opponent, Congressman Henry Waxman, to be defamatory of Waxman and thus, containing inappropriate content.

I always asserted that the material in the app was perfectly appropriate because it was critical of Waxman‘s policy positions and actions he has taken as an elected official.  The material critical of Waxman was also important to include in the iphone application in order to illustrate the policy differences between Waxman and myself.

If Apple had continued to reject such material they would have severely compromised my right to free political speech because if political discourse is too controversial to discuss in public online spaces like the app store, where else will such discourse be banned?

It’s nice that Apple decided to do the right thing is this case and I look forward to having everyone download the application which is available for free on itunes.

I hope you enjoy it and share it with everyone you know.
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