Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apple Takes a Bite out of (R) Candidate Ari David's Free Speech Rights

by Ari David
Candidate for Congress
California 30th District

Last week I released to the public my experience with Apple regarding the rejection of a campaign iPhone app that I had designed to help get the message out about my run for Congress.

Here is the latest on the iPhone app front.  My team did some research into the type of apps with political or social content that Apple either approved or denied, and this is what we found.

If your app derides Christianity, the app is cool with Apple.  The example we found is an app called BibleThumper.

Another app that is okay with Apple celebrates the life and accomplishments of a murderous communist thug.  Enter the world of iChe, an iPhone app dedicated to the musings of Che Guevara.

Now, if you have created an iPhone app called I-Slam in order to deride a hateful theology that preaches the abuse and/or murder of women, infidels, apostates, and homosexual, Apple says "shame on you" and tells you not to apply.  I-Slam is an app that criticizes the Koran for, well, just being the Koran and having an opinion on what the Koran actually says.  [Ed: I-Slam also includes a likeness of Mohammed.]

Audio clip below sourced from HotAir.com.  Also see this HotAir.com article.

So, with all this going on, I think we can clearly see a pattern emerging here.  If you are a lefty, a commie, a radical muslim, an enviro-statist greenie or a Democrat party candidate with socialist/statist leanings that you wish to share far and wide, then have at it and create something for the iTunes app store.  But if you are a conservative who possesses dangerous notions like you love America, worship a just and forgiving God, or are in support of our troops when they go to war against the enemies of free people, Apple says you need not apply.

I guess I should have done this research before I hired a team to build an iPhone app for my campaign.

Silly me.

Now it's time for me to look into getting out of my two-year ATT commitment and pricing out the Droid.  Did you know that Verizon has better coverage and their color is red?  Just like California's 30th district will be in November after I defeat Henry Waxman.

[Ed. Note:  If there is any doubt about Apple's liberal bias, take a look at the political donations made by company executives and employees here.]

Read more about Ari David's issue with Apple at his campaign website.

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  1. Kudos and plaudits to Ari ... the Steve Jobs folks sound like a bunch of rotten apples to me which is really ironic in view of their "main guy" Jobs (and Steve Wozniak) prior to starting Apple, Inc. were breaking the law by making and selling an illegal telephone device that robbed phone companies of revenue.

    Great buncha' guys ... they fit right in with the Obama crowd.