Monday, May 10, 2010

Sacred Geometry: Omnipresent and Omnipotent

Now for something totally different to politics.

The circle was considered by the ancient Greeks to be the perfect shape - eternal, without beginning or end, a perfectly balanced whole. A single circle is therefore a symbol of the divine, or eternity, while the number one expresses the unity of God. -- Richard Taylor, How To Read A Church

After immersing ourselves in the angst of politics, we sometimes become depressed, angry, or bitter.  Left to fester without relief, those emotions will raise your blood pressure and burn a hole in your soul. Since I am also an artist in my spare time, I occasionally divert my attention away from politics by turning to the miracles of nature and numbers as revealed by sacred geometry.

For your viewing pleasure, below the fold you will find several videos that visualize sacred geometry and its unity with God and the universe.  If you are unfamiliar with cymatics, there may even be a surprise or two. 

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