Monday, May 31, 2010

Obama: The Marxist Behind the Elegant Mask

During the 2008 presidential election, my radar went into high gear when I learned that the National Journal had voted Barack Obama as the most liberal senator in 2007.  Could Obama's policy ideas really be as bad as Clinton's ideas?  I still suffered from bad memories of the "progressive" Clinton era.  I already knew a lot about Hillary Clinton, so I read everything I could find on Obama. 

I read and listened to the mainstream media, of course, but knowing their reputation for liberal bias, I knew I couldn't rely on them to give me the kind of forensic information I needed to judge the man they described as an "elegant" presidential candidate. 

What surprised me was how much information was available in books and on the internet.  (There are many more sources than those just linked.)  What angered me was the degree to which the mainstream media was willing to sugar coat, turn a blind eye to, or even hide Obama's tracks.  In fact, the media has regularly maligned people who question progressive policies and candidates, and especially those who question Obama's background.  Indeed, the media practices Alinsky tactics against all whose views differ from their liberal bias.

While there is still a great deal about Obama that the man deliberately hides from public view, it really wasn't difficult to ferret out enough information for me to decide that I wouldn't have voted for Obama if George Sorros had offered me a million bucks.  That would have been like selling my soul to the Devil. 

Barack Obama, the man with a beautiful smile and a cool, calm and collected demeanor, is unequivocally a Marxist who has trained at the feet of other communists.  All of this was known BEFORE the election, but the liberal media (whose sympathies we should always question) didn't want the right-of-center American public to know.  Thanks to the huge role played by the media, our country is now being destroyed from within the Oval Office. 

The following video describes information about Barack Obama that was readily available to those who took the time to look for it.  A pox on the house of the media!

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