Saturday, February 5, 2011

Signs A Mexican Cartel Has Moved Into Your Nice Neighborhood

So many homes in nice, well-established neighborhoods have gone into foreclosure, that Mexican drug cartels are buying them for pennies on the dollar and using them to grow, make and distribute drugs.  They also serve as ammo dumps and for money laundering.  One of these drug houses was found in President George W. Bush's neighborhood in Dallas, so this can happen anywhere.

Signs that a house is being used for drug cartel activities include:

Sealed windows - curtains are always closed and no activity is visible from outside the home
Houses seem empty even though you know someone is living there
Occupants come and go at night, likely with flashlights
Electricity meter is constantly running - drug dealers are growing marijuana or cooking drugs

If you suspect your new neighbor might be running a drug house, report your concerns to the police. 

Mexican Cartels Taking Over Some North Texas Homes
By Ginger Allen, CBS 11 News
February 3, 2011

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Picture the perfect North Texas neighborhood. They are children running along the streets. The houses have beautiful lawns with manicured shrubbery. Big trees line the sidewalks. College fans show their true colors by flying flags showing their favorite teams.

But, if you take a much closer look at some middle-to-upper class  North Texas neighborhoods, you may see a slight difference in some homes. The windows are sealed off with shutters that never open or dark-tinted windows. There is a mysterious silence that lurks around the home. What’s behind the closed doors of these house?  No one would ever suspect- except maybe Ed Fox, who heads up the Volunteers on Patrol Program for the Prestonwood West Neighborhood.
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