Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Presidential Succession Act Is A Disaster-in-Waiting

This author argues that we need to modify the Succession Act now, not after a succession crisis has occurred.  With terrorists waiting in the wings to destroy America, this idea makes sense.

By Adam Yoshida
February 12, 2011

Deep flaws in the Presidential Succession Act of 1947 make the Federal Government incredibly vulnerable to attack by a foreign power.  In testimony before the Continuity of Government commission in 2003, Yale Professor Akhil Amar described it as, "a disastrous statute, an accident waiting to happen.
It is utterly inexcusable that, nearly a decade after September 11th, the Congress has failed to deal with the clearly-identified flaws of a law that would only ever be needed in a crisis.  This is not a flashy issue or one that will generate much public interest until such a time as it becomes an overriding one.  A minimal effort now might avert much future heartbreak and peril.

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