Monday, February 7, 2011

Allen West Urges Us To Define Our Islamist Enemy & Then Set Our Objectives Accordingly

Newly elected Republican, Allen West (FL), states plainly in this video that the American people must realize the Islamist enemy we face is not a religion.  West says "it is theo-political belief system, a construct", and that this battle has been going on for 1,388 years.  He recommends we study history, and to that end he cites key battles in the war between Muslims and Christians.  Below are some links to illustrate Rep. Allen's remarks.

Charles Martel and The Battle of Tours, 732 A.D.
The Byzantine [Christian] Loss at Manzikert in 1071
1095: Urban II's clarion call for Crusaders to retake Christian cities captured by Muslim Turks
Fall of Constantinople, 1453
Two Battles That Saved the West:  Lepanto 1571 and Vienna (on Sept 11th!) 1683

The Koran (also spelled Qur'an) - (about)
The Muslim Surah (also spelled Surah)
The Hadith

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