Friday, February 11, 2011

EPA Attempts To Shut Down Barnett Shale (Gas) Drilling In Texas

The EPA is doing its best to undermine natural gas drilling in Texas, and one way to do that is to charge one of the drilling companies with poisoning two water wells although geologists say otherwise.  I have no reason whatsoever to trust the EPA, but you can make up your own mind once you've read the following report.  First, here are comments from the Editor of The Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter.


Mounting Evidence Raises Serious Doubts about EPA's Actions and Motives

By Gene Powell, Publisher/Editor

It has been 21 days since Federal Judge Lee Yeakel, Austin ordered the EPA Region 6 in Dallas, Texas, to allow the person most knowledgeable about EPA's charges that Range Production Company (Range Resources Corporation) to be deposed.  The EPA has accused Range of methane contamination of two residential water wells in Parker County, north of Lake Granbury from their two deep Barnett Shale wells.  Judge Yeakel, in his order, said this case was of extreme significance and has national implications.  The Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter© filed its own investigation on December 13, 2010, and below is our up-to-date documented report on the case and its status.
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Michael E. (Gene) Powell, Jr.
Publisher / Editor

No Credible Evidence Supports EPA Order Against Range Mounting Evidence Raises Serious Questions about EPA’s Actions and Motives
By Gene Powell, Publisher/Editor – Powell Barnett Shale Newsletter© The Powell Barnett Shale
February 11, 2011

EPA Wrong - Barnett Shale Not Responsible for Gas in Water Wells exposing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with bringing wrongful actions against Range Production Company, (Range Resources), without proof or cause. The EPA’s Emergency Order claimed that natural gas present in two private shallow water wells was caused by Range Production Company’s two deep Barnett Shale horizontal wells in the area. The EPA Region 6, headed by Administrator Al Armendariz, sent a letter1 to Range on December 7, 2010, declaring an “imminent and substantial endangerment to a public drinking water aquifer has occurred (or may occur) through methane contamination which is directly related to oil and gas production facilities under your operation...” Further, “The Order describes the actions you must take to ensure the Butler Unit and Teal Unit production facilities pose no imminent and substantial endangerment to public health through methane contamination of an underground source of drinking water.” The letter went on to demand “Within five (5) days of receipt of this Order, Respondents shall submit to EPA a survey listing and identifying the location description (latitude and longitude) of all private water wells within 3,000 feet of the Butler wellbore track and 3,000 feet of the Teal well bore track and all of the Lake Country Acres (TXII 10059) public water supply system wells.”

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