Saturday, February 19, 2011

Dave Westlake Reads Sarah Palin's Union Address in Wisconsin

Today in Wisconsin former Senate candidate Dave Westlake read an open letter from Sarah Palin to the good people of Wisconsin.

The full text of Governor Sarah Palin's remarks can be found on her Facebook Page: HERE

The revolution has begun.

Last November, the good people of Wisconsin went to the ballot box and voted for change. The electorate voted against: Obamacare, wasteful & irresponsible government spending, & European-style Socialism.

Yet the greedy power hungry Wisconsin Union Bosses (whose salaries, healthcare, & pensions are paid for by the taxpayers) continue to shove Obama's unwanted fundamental transformation on the unwilling electorate.

To make matters worse, President Barack Obama has devilishly chose to side with the greedy power hungry thugs Union Bosses instead of the hardworking Wisconsin taxpayers.

While Sarah Palin continues to fight the corruption in BOTH parties; Barack Obama continues to support the corruption in his party.

Masks are coming off. Do you believe in an America where our leaders continue to degrade and devalue our democracy?

Diminishing America from within will not be tolerated any longer.

Now is the time to stand up for our country, our values, our principles. Our America.

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The time for choosing is near.

Thomas S Schmitz

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