Saturday, February 12, 2011

Republicans Keep Their Budget Promises

Investor's Business Daily
February 14, 2011

Spending: How gratifying it is to see Republicans take seriously their pledge to cut $100 billion out of the budget. They've lived up to their word — a rarity in Washington these days. But the truth is, it's only the very start.

After a week of spirited debate in Congress, the GOP upped its ante on spending cuts. Rep. Paul Ryan had initially offered $58 billion as a first step toward making bigger cuts down the road.

But that proposal ran into fire from some in the party, especially new members elected with Tea Party support. They insisted that $58 billion wasn't enough — that the GOP's promise in the Pledge to America to cut $100 billion in discretionary spending from President Obama's proposed 2011 budget was inviolable.

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