Sunday, February 13, 2011

"Is it conceivable for multiculturalism to be beneficial to the Western world -- and, in particular, America -- or is it simply an insidious notion that must be avoided at all costs?"

Multiculturalism and Conservatives
By Chidike Okeem
February 13, 2011

Multiculturalism is one of the hot topics in international political discourse. With the current precarious state of geopolitics, it is has become more important than ever before. More than just being an abstract sociological concept that has little meaning outside of the Ivory Tower, its impact is wide-ranging and could drastically change the world as we know it.
Recently, multiple leaders in the western world, with Nicolas Sarkozy of France being the latest addition to the chorus, have joined to launch an attack against multiculturalism, which has led to an international spate of simultaneous furor and agreement. Indisputably, these leaders are right on the money to denounce the absurd liberal approach to culture that has left Europe teetering on the precipice of radical Islamic conquest.

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