Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BEWARE: Arizona Senate Bill 1308 Defines Dual Citizens As Natural Born Citizens

By Leo Donofrio

Arizona Senate Bill 1308 passed out of committee yesterday by an 8-5 vote.  This bill is a cleverly disguised attempt to protect President Obama from eligibility scrutiny.  It does this by declaring persons born with dual citizenship as natural born citizens.  But it does this in a very sneaky manner.
That’s right.  Arizona has now passed out of committee a bill which states that persons born with dual citizenship are natural born citizens of the United States.  This same bill is being considered by all states party to the compact.
So infamous congratulations to the 8 votes in Arizona who passed this unconstitutional bill to the full Senate floor.  They’ve just declared those born as dual citizens eligible to be Commander In Chief of the US Armed Forces.
The Arizona Republic completely failed to mention this incredible turn of events in their report:
“Late Tuesday, the committee advanced two of the bills, becoming the first state legislative committee in the nation to pass legislation intended to challenge the practice of granting citizenship to children born in the U.S. to illegal immigrants.
Committee members voted 8-5 to approve a controversial package of bills, which would challenge the 14th Amendment interpretation about citizenship.”
This so called “compact” is being pushed by a conglomerate of states, and it looks like it’s being done to protect Obama.  SB 1308 declares:


  1. What a bunch of crock. And coming from a state which is overwhelmed with the fight against illegal immigration as it is. Doesn't make sense.

  2. There protecting the Village Idiot again!

  3. Well, so much for Jan Brewer. She will not get any more symphany from me. Let them keep their illegals.