Friday, February 25, 2011

Enuff is Enuff; TEXT 4PALIN to 74679

The Obama 2012 re-election campaign has started.

Last month (using homicide to rally his base) Barack Hussein Obama completely ignored that people had died and held a Murder Rally to unveil his 2012 campaign slogan: Together we Thrive. The President lectured a hand picked college crowd of constituents complete with hoots and hollers, applause, and refreshments.

Branding the Tucson tragedy; Obama and his advisers even handed out souvenir T-Shirts to his newly energized base.

Today in Rhode Island the Obama re-election campaign continued. Using civility and the new tone Obama lectured us about; his supporters yelled "I'll F**K YOU IN THE A** FA**OT!" to concerned citizens who are standing up to Obama's bussed in Union thugs who are violently attempting to nullify November's election and suck more money from the taxpayers.

Yesterday outside of the Freedom Works offices in DC the Obama re-election campaign showed even more civility.

Conservative activist Tabitha Hale was assaulted by one of Obama's union goons. The 5'1" female in a dress was violated and shoved by a 50ish Obama supporter.

Last week Obama's civility and new tone even caused Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to end a legislative session due to death threats from Obama supporters.

Masks are coming off. The Hope & Change Goons are out in full display these days.

AFL-CIO President Richard (Dick) Trumka arrogantly bragged to reporters about his disturbing domination and alignment in Obama's White House. Shockingly, Trumka (Dick) boasts that he is in the White House 2-3 times a week and talks to the administration EVERYDAY.

By contrast MSLSD MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell reported the "fact there were half a dozen Cabinet members who had not heard from the president personally, had not gotten an phone call from the president or had an opportunity meet one-on-one him in the first two years."

Hmmm. What's going on gals/guys?

What's going on is that the Obama team needs the money from Union dues to finance their propaganda and to threaten and buy politicians and votes.

So what are we gonna do about it?

The first thing to do is to seriously consider who has the cojones to stand up to Obama and call out his lawless gangsta government in 2012.

Romney? Gingrich? Huckabee? Pawlently? Huntsman? Thune? Santorum? Trump? Daniels?

None of these boys have the cojones, or the sheer guts to call it as it is and not hold back punches for fear of the predictable LSM retaliation.

Make no mistake my friends. When the 2012 campaigns officially start anyone...ANYONE who calls out Obama will repeatedly be called: RAAACIST, divisive, mean-spirited, violent, crazy, and un-electable.

Do you trust any of those boys to be willing to put it all on the line and tell the truth about Obama and the state of our union today?

Do you trust any of them to take off their gloves, roll up their sleeves, and aggressively go head to head with Obama and defend the American way?

Deep down you all know that every single one of those boys will cave under media pressure and censor their message for fear of being called: RAAACIST, divisive, mean-spirited, violent, crazy, and un-electable.

There is and always has been only one leader who has consistently stood up for what is right, what is true, and taken the darts and arrows for daring to speak out about what Obama is doing to our Country.

Together we can help Sarah Palin show the electorate that there is more than enough reason to have faith in America.

The aloof, detached, and alien Obama presidency has been a moment of darkness for our country. Barack Obama has shown that America is a country he prefers to run down rather than build up.

I have had enough and I know that you have too.

Today there are two things you can do to get started on the RESTORATION of America:

1. On your cell phone text: 4PALIN to 74679

2. Make sure you are signed up for updates and alerts from Organize4Palin. To register & get involved: CLICK HERE

Let's help Sarah Palin get America back to the time tested truths that made this country great.

It's going to be a long two years.

Our republic has been through challenging times before and together we will face them head on and we will come out stronger, freer, and better.

Thomas S Schmitz


Palin Promotions

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