Saturday, November 20, 2010

Will GOP Let The Left-Wing Media Host Primary Debates in 2012?

Rise of conservative displeasure over Politico/NBC debate
By Amanda Carey
The Daily Caller
November 20, 2010

Earlier this month, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin mocked the D.C.-based news outlet Politico, describing it in an email to The Daily Caller, as “puppy-kicking, chain-smoking, porn producers.”
But if predictions of a Palin presidential bid in 2012 prove correct, the former Governor will subject herself to being thoroughly questioned and interrogated by the very same news outlet that has become the object of her contempt.

Shortly after Palin’s Politico-bashing comments erupted in a firestorm in media circles, Politico and NBC News announced plans to host the first Republican presidential primary debate at the Ronald Reagan Library in the spring of 2011. Some conservatives, however, are not happy with the idea of what they view as two left-of-center media outlets hosting a Republican debate.

Conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt, in fact, penned a widely-circulated column in which he told probable GOP candidates to “just say no to Nancy Reagan”.
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