Sunday, November 7, 2010

STAND UP: Send @SarahPalinUSA a Thank You (#TYSarahPalin) Monday 5pm PST on Twitter

On November 2, 2010 Sarah Palin helped elect 52 (and counting) Grizzlies to shake things up, turn things around, and get America back on the right track!

Now it is time for us to STAND UP and acknowledge Sarah Palin by sending a thank-you tweet tomorrow Monday November 8 at 5pm PST, 7pm CT, 8pm EST:

Don't forget to use the hashtag #TYSarahPalin and send a short thank you note to: @SarahPalinUSA

The Grizzlies are ready for the coming battle for common sense, constitutional conservatism. The fundamental transformation is OVER! The Grizzlies have been elected to Rebuke, Reject, and Repeal.

The restoration of America is about to begin. The Grizzlies, led by Sarah Palin, are ready to Renew, Revive, and Restore. Now Let's show our appreciation, enthusiasm, and let everyone know we are ready to rumble!

Don't forget: November 2010 was about HOPE and November 2012 is about CHANGE!


Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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