Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama Falls To Earth With A Resounding Thud

What follows is a brilliant, spot-on analysis of the man we currently call President.  A blank slate, an empty suit, an ideologue, an agitator-in-chief, a divider, and a socialist at best.

By Kyle-Anne Shiver
November 1, 2010

One can only shake the head in wonder at why Barack Obama, the brilliant-beyond-brilliant presidential candidate, has flopped so badly in the same type of campaign-stump venues he enchanted with fairy dust a mere two years ago.

Perhaps, as he opined himself in The Audacity of Hope, the throngs loved him in '08 because he was a "blank slate" upon whom voters cast their own pictures. Now that he has an actual record of governance, his audiences are no longer fodder for easy bamboozling. In '08, the people saw what they wanted to see; reality bites back in 2010.

Or perhaps Obama's current flop is the natural result of overexposure through constant in-your-face public appearances, even on entertainment television, so that his once-exceptional aura has hit the trash-bin of history. Familiarity breeds contempt; force-fed familiarity breeds a national demand for barf bags.

By EricaThunderpaws

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