Thursday, November 11, 2010

EXCLUSIVE: Sarah Palin's Alaska Screening SWAG

Here in Hollywood when you attend a movie premiere, screening, party, or almost any excuse for an "event" you usually get a goody bag filled with all sorts of things. They can have all sorts of things in them. Shampoo, keychains, coupons, mugs, or even crazy stuff like watches, airline tickets, and diamonds! But regardless of what is in the bag, it is called the same thing. It's called SWAG. Hollywood loves it's acronyms and this is no exception. SWAG = Stuff We All Get.

Last night several cities were treated to screenings of "Sarah Palin's Alaska". I thought it might be fun to take a look at what kind of SWAG the lucky attendees got to take home as souvenirs. (Hmmm, if a certain someone becomes the first lady President will these items become collectors items?) (Are they already collectors items?)

The guests got a free soft drink and popcorn before the screening. The theaters held 400-500 people, and no photo's were allowed. However...a little bird sent me these pictures of what the guests got after the screening.

Each guest was given a little stuffed black bear with a Sarah Palin's Alaska tag and some post cards of the Palin family and scenes of Alaska. The bear is made out of 100% authentic baby otter fur (JUST KIDDING PETA)

The lucky guests also got these really cool postcards with the following text on the back of each:

The Palins meet the stars of the Iditarod, the trainers and the dogs themselves, on top of the breathtaking Punchbowl glacier. Ther trainers and dogs live on the top of this glacier for months at a time as they train to win the race which is over 1,000 miles long.

Sarah and her youngest daughter Piper are on the beach at Bristol Bay. Bristol Bay is the easternmost arm of the Bering Sea, which surrounds the Southwestern edge of Alaska.

Sarah, her brother, Chuck and their kids go to Nome, which is the largest town on Alaska's west coast, to hunt for gold. The hunt involves kayaking a glacier that was once part of the 1890's Gold Route.

A guest who attended the screening last night said:


Sarah Palin's Alaska is going to be an awesome show. In the first part coming up Sunday everyone will get to see Williow and Piper. There are a couple shots of Trig. They will go fishing and mountain climbing. People will see the vast wilderness of Alaska and the beauty of God's creation that Sarah talks about all the time. It truly is a great wonder, a majesty place that so fills Sarah's heart.

Well folks. I wish I had the groovy postcards. Maybe there is a TLC online store?

Looks like Sarah Palin's Alaska is going to be a hit.

Be sure to tune in!

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