Thursday, November 4, 2010

Rush: Who the Hell are These People to Decide the Limits of Our Freedom?

By Rush Limbaugh
November 3, 2010


RUSH:  Well, I had a chance to listen to just a little bit of the Obama press conference.  Jake Tapper, ABC, asked Obama about the compromise that he might make on extending the Bush tax cuts.  Right now, of course, the tax cuts will eliminate, stop for everybody, $250,000 or more, and maybe everybody's taxes will be raised.  But believe me, there's no tax cuts on the table.  And Jake Tapper said, (paraphrasing) "Would you compromise and say people who make a million dollars a year will not see their tax decrease, tax cut sunsetted?"  And I started thinking, where all this talk of rich equaling $250,000 a year, a million a year, where does all this start?  What right does Obama have to sit there and proclaim that people who earn X are gonna be punished with Y, people who earn less than X won't be punished with Y?  Do you notice how easy it is to fall into the premise trap that the left sets?

Looked at within the prism of liberty and freedom, as our founding documents spell out, the Declaration, the Constitution, in nowhere in any of our founding documents was it ever said that people earning X would be punished for it.  It was never said in our founding documents that people earning X would share a greater burden of funding the government than people who didn't.  Where does all this talk start?  Because all this is nothing more than a direct attack on liberty, a direct attack on freedom and it creates class envy and resentment and anger between the classes, between people of different income groups.  So all of a sudden we're faced with a possibility here of the Bush tax cuts ending for people who earn $250,000 a year or more.  Well, why are we even discussing it in the first place?  What did those people do?  What is the magic?  Who sets arbitrarily this figure of $250,000 a year?  Why are they targeted?  And look how easily people fall into the trap of debating the premise, when the real question is when is the federal government going to assume responsibility for the deficit spending, for the irresponsible position they put this country in?  When are they going to be forced to reduce the behavior, to limit the behavior they are engaging in that is causing a usurpation of our liberty and freedom?
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