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FINALLY: My Chicago C4P Round Up & STAND UP!

Hello every0ne. My apologies for the delay in my round up and STAND UP of the Chicago (C4P) Meet-up. It's been a busy week here in Los Angeles. Between getting back into the swing of things, planning for Thanksgiving, working on the Run Sarah Run project, and getting ready to put the Christmas tree up (can you guess the theme?), my post on Chicago kinda slipped through the cracks.

So here we go!

I flew in a day early to get my self adjusted and settled. In Los Angeles I did not have a Naked Body Scan, but coming back from Chicago on Monday was another story.

I had never been to Chicago before and riding in the taxi to the hotel I had a good look around, and wondered to myself where the famous neighborhood that Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Barack Hussein Obama all coincidentally live in. Hmmm...

First thing I did was take off my sunglasses to enjoy the beautiful fall harvest colors of the leaves on the trees. In Los Angeles we miss out on some of God's fantastic creativity at work.

Aren't the leaves amazing? Wow...

Checking into the hotel was a breeze. Sort of. I had called the day before to ask about internet service. I learned quickly that what the Chicago hotel staff tells you and what the actual reality of the situation is are two different things. Hmmm. Sounds familiar doesn't it.

Needless to say, the hotel was beautiful.

And the view from my room was very beautiful.

But again. As I looked out the window into the gorgeous Chicago skyline I couldn't help but wonder: "Where oh where is the famous neighborhood that Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers, and Barack Hussein Obama all coincidentally live in. Hmmm...

Thursday night I had a great dinner in the hotel with the other C4P early birds.

I retired to my room early to finish up a post on the SWAG from "Sarah Palin's Alaska" that everyone was so excited about.

During the day on Friday C4P members began to arrive. By the evening we were all ready for the opening night festivities: Pizza Dinner and SE Cupp booksigning.

It was great to meet fellow Grizzlies. This is Joe from Maryland. For Joe it was a family affair with both Mom and sister in attendance with him.

Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Coke, and Chocolate Chip cookies...YUM! (Please Don't let Michelle Antoinette Obama know. She might try to take the food away from us peasants and replace it with her genius multi million dollar Salad Bar failure experiment...Don't worry though, it would be for our own good. Who knows best? Don't fret, it's Michelle Antoinette!) I wonder though, is that chip on her shoulder a nestle chocolate chip? Now hold on a minute before the thought police chime in, the reference to nestle's chocolate chips is meant to reflect Michelle Antoinette's war against sugar, so don't even think about crying about imaginary RAAACISM.

After all the yummy (possibly future contraband) food SE Cupp signed copies of her book: "Loosing our Religion: The Liberal Media's Attack on Christianity".

Since Saturday was a big day for us we all headed back to the hotel early.

First thing in the morning we got a big surprise laying right outside our hotel room door. Sarah Palin was on the cover of USA TODAY. It was an almost fair piece about the sunday premiere of "Sarah Palin's Alaska".

Then heading into the hotel gift shop for a Coke Zero I noticed that it wasn't just USA TODAY featuring Sarah Palin. People magazine had a huge spread and extremely fair article on life with The Palin's in Alaska and on the road.

After grabbing a quick breakfast it was time to get down to business. Everyone was ready to roll up their sleeves, put their boots on the ground, and start making some plans.

Each one of us got a Meet-up program at our tables.

We also got these really cool Sarah Palin postcards (which could be used for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee's letter writing campaign!)

Being right wing extremists, the C4P Chicago Meet-up was opened with...PRAYER! AAAAAHHHH!...And...Are you ready? Remember, we are right wing extremists...THE PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE! AAAAAH! Danger! Call Big Sis Janet Napolitano STAT!

Moderator Janne Myrdal served as the Mama Grizzly Mistress of Ceremonies. I met Janne at the last C4P Meet-up in San Diego. Janne is the most amazing woman and I love talking to her and hearing about her dedicated grass roots activism. Janne really knows how to put her boots on the ground and get things done for this country.

SE Cupp spoke on "The Role of Women in the Rebirth of the Conservative Movement". She opened with a risque joke that I wish I could remember. It had something to do with Pizza..or sausage. I guess we'll have to wait for the upcoming C4P footage of her speech. SE Cupp talked a lot about Identity Politics VS. Instinct and the left's obsession with trying to stuff everyone into boxes. The black box, the hispanic box, the gay box, the asian box, the handicapable green eyed red headed 1/2 chinese and 1/2 eskimo albino box. (Now if someone is both asian and gay does the left provide a gaysian box?) It goes without saying that SE had us all laughing quite a few times.

One of my favorite speeches was from Dr. Gina Loudon. Wow. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Dr. Gina Loudon I suggest you do your homework on her. This is one accomplished Mama Grizzly. Dr. G is the host of the "The Dr. Gina Show" on 630 AM in St. Louis, a national speaker, analyst, and writer. Dr. G spoke on "When God Calls a Mother: Moments in History where Women Led and Why We Must Lead Today". Dr. G led us through the history of women and activism; starting with Eve and ending up with the Mama Grizzlies. Especially touching was Dr. G's story of the adoption of her special needs son, Samuel.

We all got a really cool surprise when Sarah Palin called in to talk to us. The C4P organizers (country NOT community) put her on speaker phone so we could all hear. Sarah Palin thanked us for having her back. What was so touching is that she told us she would have retreated a long time ago if it was not for our support. Sarah Palin told us the more support she sees the harder it makes her want to want. She gave special thanks to the organizers, C4P writer and American Warrior Tim Lindell, Karen Allen of http://www.organize4palin/ (O4P), Dr. Gina Loudon, all the speakers, and heck she even thanked me for my work with O4P at the Anaheim Rally last October.

After lunch we were treated to a screening of "Fire from the Heartland". Writer/Director Stephen K. Bannon spoke before and after the film. I highly recommend everyone to find a screening near by them or order this film on DVD. "Fire from the Heartland" chronicles the rise of the conservative woman:

The first-ever film to tell the entire story of the conservative woman in her own words, "Fire from the Heartland" is a powerful statement about America at a crossroads and the women who have awakened to the crisis. With role models such as Clare Boothe Luce, Margaret Thatcher, and Phyllis Schlafly as inspiration, these women are the unintended consequence of the liberal feminist movement.

Saturday went so fast. Before we knew it the daytime meetings and speeches were finished and it was time to go to the closing night dinner and closing speeches.

First up was Jedediah Bila. Jedediah spoke passionately and unapologetically on the state of affairs today during this golden age of Obama's Hoax and Chains. (oops I meant to write Hope and Change...okay..No I didn't)

Jedediah began by quoting Barry Goldwater: "The left has learned that socialism can be achieved thru welfarism"

And ended by offering these simple truths:

"It's time to start talking about 2012"..."We need a candidate whose record reflects what Obama's lacks"

" That Candidate needs Honesty, authenticity, & true conservatism"

The keynote speech was delivered by Tammy Bruce. Tammy was right on target. Tammy spoke about us getting ready for a probable possible Sarah Palin presidential run. Early in the day Sarah Palin spoke to us about Providence. Tammy echoed this in her speech. She started by taking a historical view of today's event. Tammy told us that the United States, and the World for that matter, has been changed by a meeting in a room of twelve people. There were 100 people in this room. 100 people who in other times would never have met, but for such a time as this, these 100 people came together.

Tammy articulated what we all felt but could not verbalize. She said a lot of us could not explain why we were there but we knew we had to be there. We knew that something was wrong. Something is terribly wrong with our country.

Call it intuition, call it instinct, call it Providence. By attending this meet up we had layed the foundation before the storm hits. Tammy reminded us that Chicago is expensive. Many people couldn’t afford to be there (I know I couldn’t) yet something told us we had to be there, we had to go with our gut and follow our heart.

Sounding more like one of America's founding mothers than a Los Angeles radio host and best selling author, Tammy spoke directly from her heart and reminded us of what we already know. We know that there is truth, there is a firm reliance, and there is Providence when we say we are willing to sacrifice our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor in order to: un-do what is being done to our country.

Tammy rallied us and showed us that in many ways we had already won. But that means we need to keep it up. We need to stay the course. We are making a difference for such a time as this. She urged us not to sit down and shut up but rather to STAND UP, get louder, work harder, stay the course, and together we will help Sarah Palin get America back on the right track.

Tammy said, look around you. Look at each one of the people in this room. You will be seeing them again many times in the next two years. More people will be added, but you will be seeing these people again.

There has been a shift. Things are happening. Tammy said one of the signs of this shift was Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin joke the other night at the Mark Twain award thing in Washington. PBS later edited it out, but that had not happened yet when Tammy spoke and Tammy was just going by the report in the Washington Post.

The exact quote from the Washington Post about Tina Fey’s Sarah Palin joke was: “ The lines played first to nervous laughter and then to not much laughter at all.”

Tammy said this was very significant. Tammy described it as a shift within the east coast liberal elites. She said it was a realization within the east coast elite that this woman that they ridiculed and made fun of for the last two years may very well be in charge of their lives someday.

With or without the redundant and un-funny Tina Fey I think we can all feel the shift in our country right now.

Tammy believes as I do that Sarah Palin will run for President. Or better put Sarah Palin is running for President. Tammy told us to be ready. It will happen fast very fast. She told us to prepare.

What are you willing to do? What can you do for your country?

Do you have a job that can be done from anywhere? Do you have a laptop computer/blackberry job. Be thinking about moving. Can you move to Iowa? Can you move to South Carolina? Can you move to New Hampshire?

Something is brewing. Sarah Palin is rising. Barack Obama is falling. The next two years are so important. We must stand up, we must get activated, we must get motivated, we must get organized.

We must participate. We can make this happen. We can elect Sarah Palin.

After leaving Chicago and flying back into Los Angeles last monday I thought to myself that I have now attended two C4P Meet-ups. They are fun, but more importantly the seriousness has grown between these last four months. People know how important the 2012 presidential election is.

We know it is important to elect a president who believes in American Exceptionalism, free markets, strong families, and a smaller smarter government. A president who is proud of America, not ashamed.

The C4P Meet-ups have helped me realize the importance of participation in my country, my government, and my America. I urge everyone reading to consider attending the next C4P Meet-up wherever that may be.

Iowa? South Carolina? New Hampshire?

Thomas S Schmitz

Palin Promotions


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