Saturday, November 20, 2010

Science: Experts Have Successfully Tested Invisibility

Years ago while traveling, I read a British newspaper article about the discovery of DNA testing and thought, "Wow!", this would forever change criminal forensics, and that has proven to be true.  Now British and US scientists have discovered a "metamaterial" which creates a temporary cloak of invisibility.  This discovery may lead to military and other applications within the next five or 10 years, so put this story into your memory banks, especially if you research and invest in technology stocks.

Experts test cloaking technology
By Paul Rincon

A US-British team of scientists have successfully tested a cloak of invisibility in the laboratory.

The device mostly hid a small copper cylinder from microwaves in tests at Duke University, North Carolina.

It works by deflecting the microwaves around the object and restoring them on the other side, as if they had passed through empty space.

But making an object vanish before a person's eyes is still the stuff of science fiction - for now.
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