Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Palin Pales in Comparison to Dem Gems

Palin Pales in Comparison to Dem Gems
By Larry Elder
Investor's Business Daily
November 15, 2010

How much of the "Sarah Palin is not ready for prime time" criticism is sincere? When the harping comes from the left, it's difficult to take it seriously. Try to follow the bouncing standards.

Barbara Walters gushed over John F. Kennedy Jr. and saw a political future for him. Never mind that the young man had flunked the New York bar exam — twice.

"Dumb" former President George W. Bush, caricatured as a slacker in an Oliver Stone movie, made better grades in college than did Al Gore, his opponent in 2000.

Gore dropped out of divinity school after earning five F's. Then he entered law school and dropped out. He won a Nobel Peace Prize for his anti-global-warming crusade, and his documentary won an Academy Award, but he got a D in science at Harvard.

Bush also scored higher on his verbal SAT than did Rhodes scholar and "brainy" presidential candidate Bill Bradley.
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