Tuesday, November 23, 2010

'Liberals have a peculiar affection for felons, terrorists, and every other ilk of societal sediment'

By Chidike Okeem
November 23, 2010

The new TSA airport scanners have justifiably garnered a lot of attention and criticism. Frankly, the entire scheme is nothing more than a cheap contrivance to give the impression that Democrats care deeply about national security. Insofar as Democrats actually care about national security, it could not be more obvious that it is a mere afterthought to their main agenda of turning America into a tawdry imitation of socialist Europe. It is only an uninterested administration that views national security as a perfunctory and unserious task that, as a response to radical Islamic plane hijackers, would conceive of fondling every flyer -- including little Caucasian toddlers -- to look for bombs.

It is preposterous to burden innocent Americans with intrusive searches before they board airplanes because of the actions of Islamic terrorists -- who, surprisingly, always seem to effortlessly subvert airport security to commit their atrocities. If only airport security were a little more concerned with looking for people who fit the terrorist profile, then America would undoubtedly be safer.

Liberals' unwillingness to identify through profiling the overt differences between good Americans and the evil Islamic terrorists is terrifyingly consistent with their larger criminal justice perspective: leniency with violent felons while treating innocents as symbols of hate.

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