Monday, November 15, 2010

Getting America and Wisconsin Back On Track

As everyone knows by now the federal and state elections across the nation has shown the results of the Tea Party movement in getting our government back on track and our nation operated like a Jeffersonian Republic instead of a progressively socialist experiment that history of civilization shows is now workable, as well as, not conducive to personal freedom and liberties.
Here in Wisconsin, we now have a conservative-controlled state senate, assembly, and a republican governor. Now conceal carry and Second Amendment rights can no longer be vetoed, as well as other freedoms. Many are in hopes that the economy will pick up now that elected officials work to reduce intrusion upon and the size and scope the government bears upon our personal lives, as well as work together for the benefit of the people, the state and the nation in getting our country back on track.
To be fair, many Democrat Wisconsin elected officials are for conceal carry permits and state laws that obey the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States.
There are two arguments or methods of conceal carry rights to be administered ...

One is issuing a permit that includes registration and a background check (good idea), mandatory training classes that may cost several hundred dollars, sometimes fingerprinting (once again a sensible request to ensure that people say they are who they apply as), and, of course, a state permit fee. Citizens are worried that those costs will rise if, once again, anti-Second Amendment individuals gain public office.
The second method is popular with the constitutionalists and is called Constitution Carry. This means that no one need register with the government or pay expensive training and fees for a permit. You simply carry in the manner that the Second Amendment provides in its clear paragraph:
A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
There are three states that allow Constitution CarryVermontAlaska, and Arizona. These states are considered among the top-ten free states of America that legislates its laws in accordance with the Constitution of the United States. States such as Utah and Texas are moving toward becoming a Constitution Carry state within the next year.
It would be wonderful if Wisconsin would be one of those Constitution Carry states by next year.
In some states, like Georgia, the request for permit is simple: apply, pass a background check (not convicted of a federal crime, been in a mental institution or undergoing psychological treatment), and pay a small administration fee. The advantage of having a concealed carry permit is that one does not have to wait for the traditional three/five day waiting period required by states in purchasing a firearm – the background check.
In Wisconsin, the choice is between these two concealed carry laws to be enacted in Wisconsin, and the legislators are going to let the people decide in a referendum.
I have no qualms about experiencing a background check in order to get a concealed weapon carry permit, but training should not be a requirement, just a suggestion for those who were not in the military or previous law enforcement positions. The fee must remain at a minimum required to cover government cost and not looked upon as a hidden agenda for extra revenue. However, this new paperwork and computer data will cost the taxpayers more money, as well as increase the requirement for more government employees – and the object of a conservative legislator and gubernatorial is to keep government down to a minimum size in order to function more efficiently.
Based upon that fact, I would vote for the Constitution Carry that would require no fees, no mandatory government training, et cetera.
The Wisconsin Statute 941.23 that bans conceal carry of firearms is over 130 years old and that legislature must be repealed. In addition, Wisconsin Statute 167.31 must be repealed that would allow you to carry your weapon in your vehicle – otherwise the concealed carry law is moot.
The new governor, Scott Walker, has stated on record that if the legislature gets a repeal of Statute 941.23 on his desk, he will sign it. With a conservative-controlled state senate and assembly, this should be no problem at all and should be enacted by January of 2011.
We must let our legislators know that there should be no good reason why we cannot have Constitution Carry in Wisconsin and move our state up the 50-state list toward the top ten in the overall free state status.
So, I suggest Wisconsin citizens and any citizens of any state in the same predicament, contact their state senator and assembly person to allow any law-abiding citizen to open carry with no permit and that we initiate the Constitution Carry system for concealed carry of firearms.
Wisconsin residents should ask their legislators to support the repeal of 941.23 and 167.31. Let them know that the permit option will only increase government cost, as well as require to add still more government employees to operate the permit-fee system – something that we do not need, in light of the current fiscal budget crisis.
For Wisconsin residents, you can find your legislators at:
Many of the newly elected legislators were elected only two weeks ago and will not take office until January 3rd. I am waiting to correspond to those in January; however, some have been reelected – and they are going to receive correspondence with the aforementioned points within a week.
Anyone who doesn’t know the full picture of the Wisconsin state election results, you can visit this site:
Remind Governor Elect Scott Walker that he is on record for stating he will sign a repeal of 941.23. It would be good to thank him (sort of remind him) for agreeing to approve and sign this repeal. In addition, ask him to request that the legislator provide a quick clean-up bill that includes the repeal for both 941.23 and 167.31 to be signed at the same time.
Citizens have long waiting to exercise their freedom and liberties under the Constitution of the United States that too many States of the Union ignore or feel they are authorized to change the amendments of what has come to be known as the Bill of Rights; just as they ignore the Constitution and its text that clearly demonstrates what the duties of the legislator, the executive office and the judiciary are and their limitations. Every state within the union of the United States must comply to the Constitution that was originally ratified by the Congress when they became law.

Governor-Elect Scott Walker’s mailing address is:
17 West Main Street, Suite 301
MadisonWisconsin 53702
Another thing you can do is get gun rights groups within your state and ask them to join the concealed-carry movement. Here in Wisconsin it is the Wisconsin Carry, Inc. and the United States Conceal Carry Association that represents the desire for Wisconsin to become a Constitution Carry state.
N3292 County Road E
Red GraniteWisconsin 54970
Phone: 920-295-9435

National Rifle Association Contacts
Buster Bachhuber
2603 Julip Drive
WausauWisconsin 54401

Scott Taetsch
P.O. Box 157
GleasonWisconsin 54435-0157

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