Friday, November 12, 2010

C4P Chicago Meet-up: The Prequel

The Chicago Conservatives4Palin (C4P) Meet-up officially begins with a Dinner and S.E. Cupp Book Signing on Friday night. But there were a few early birds who flew in thursday and had a little Veterans Day Dinner together.

Brian Champlin flew in from cooky Berkley (it's okay for me to call Berkley cooky, 1. Because it is and 2. Because I live in Hollywood and I know exactly what cooky is) Brian is a Stanford/Berkley Greek/Latin scholar...(but aren't Sarah Palin supporters supposed to be dumb? hmmm)

Here's Mr. Bud from Texas. Mr. Bud is retired and said the pot roast was tough. (I love Don's C4P hat!)

Jon didn't have far to travel this time. Last july he flew to San Diego for the C4P Meet-up but he lucked out this time. Jon's just a 30 minute train ride away!

And this is the lady of the hour! A.J. Kelshiker is a Marine. What an honor it was to celebrate Veterans Day with A.J.

None of this would be possible without the organizing (country NOT community) skills of Miss Beehive. Miss B works tirelessly so everything goes smoothly at the C4P Meet-ups.

Obviously I was there too...


The rest of the gang arrives tomorrow. It should be quite a weekend. Besides S.E. Cupp, Janne Myrdal, Karen Allen, Ron Devito, Dr. Gina Loudon, Jedediah Bila, and Tammy Bruce are scheduled to speak.

The C4P Chicago Meet-up should prove to be a wonderful opportunity for fellow Grizzlies to meet, network, share ideas, and maybe even make plans? Grrrrrr.

Stay tuned. I'll keep you posted on the weekends activities.

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