Saturday, April 30, 2011

Video: Birth Certificate OCR Theory Debunked

The following video debunks the theory put forward in a Fox News article by Jana Winter.  They report that the layers which appear in the pdf birth certificate could have been created if the document was scanned using OCR (optical character recognition) software.  In the first place, OCR is software that is used to convert images files so the document's text can be searched and edited.  Second, as the video below illustrates, there are nine different layers within this man-made document. Each layer was manipulated in various ways. For example, some text boxes were rotated 90 degrees, others were resized, etc.  If OCR software had been used to scan the birth certificate, none of those actions would have been possible.

Wonder how much longer Barack Obama will be smirking at the American public.

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  1. You speak of the “... actual birth certificate ...” ??? Oh you must mean this last Apr. 27, 2011 version of this continual felonious criminal document fraud that was put up on the White House site and proclaimed by all (especially Barky) as the “real deal” or words to that effect along with several cover letters intended to fool people; possibly even fool the water-carriers such as the barrister lady partner of Perkins Coie (lawyers extraordinaire of high repute) and with the newly-appointed HI DOH head why wouldn’t this be the “real deal”???

    What most of the “dumbers” (those who hate and castigate “birthers”) don’t seem to realize is that not only are they are being made fools of by Barky and his close circle, but by their very own voilition they have enmeshed themselves in this ongoing criminal activity and will eventually pay a notable price. Their fussing and fuming about “race”, “birther irrationality”, etc. does nothing to mitigate their own criminal acts which are now coming to the fore and which, before too long, the American public by and large will not tolerate much longer as unpunished foolishness on the part of the “dumbers”.

    By publishing and swearing to the veracity of the Apr. 27 WHBC, you see, Barky has told EVERYONE (including his myrmidons and other Flying Monkeys) that HE WAS NOT BORN IN A HOSPITAL IN HAWAII!!! (period!!). Everyone who could read knew years ago from the man’s own lips that his father was an alien and never an American citizen, but this latest revelation by Barkey’s forces of obfuscation is a mind-blower.

    That will no doubt come as a massive shock to Barky and his handlers (and to the water-carriers who unthinkingly aided his performing this latest deed), but they have all aided and abetted in the fraud and can look forward to at least the public censure and ridicule that they so richly have earned - ALL of the “dumbers” are complicit no matter their political party and that includes some very big and prominent individuals of all three sexes. The American public will not stand to be conned in this way and they ARE becoming aware, have no doubt, “dumbers”.

    To fully understand how Barky has managed to so thoroughly shoot himself in the foot, one need only absorb the content and import of the document of Arp. 29, 2011 called “OUT OF ORDER” on this link:

    Even those of you who couldn’t bring yourselves to read (or didn’t want to believe it mattered) his statements in print of a few years ago about daddy being Kenyan had best absorb this article and wake up to the reality the “birthers” have been explaining to you for the last few years.

    And, oh yes, by the way it has noting to do with race but everything to do with stupidity - YOURS!! A friend once told me that ignorance is temporary since it can be cleared up by learning but STUPID IS FOREVER!!! Perhaps you have one last chance to right your ship (though many of you “dumbers” don’t deserve it)... if not, there’s always tar and feathers or riding selected persons out of town on a rail.