Friday, April 1, 2011

Farrakhan Claims 'The Great Mahdi Is Now In The World'

The posting of this 2 hr video and a partial transcript does not represent an endorsement.  Quite the opposite!  This man sows seeds of hate amongst his followers. No surprise, then, that these kinds of views have created a wall between the races and the cultures.  Farrakhan is a segregationist of the worst sort.

Minister Farrakhan's Press Conference on President Obama, Col. Gaddhafi and Libya War


In the name of Allah, the beneificient, the merciful, we give you praise and thanks for bringing to birth Feb 26, 1877, one born to fulfill the desires of the world of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The Great Mahdi that the Muslim world has been looking for is now in the world. He made his appearance among us and chose from our ranks a black man and woman of America, a divine leader, teacher and guide as his messenger to us and to the world, and now we know that man Elijah Muhammad as the messiah.

Barack Hussein Obama. We've known him for over 20 years. He was a community organizer, and when he wanted to run for office, brother Leonard, who was then our chief of staff, I called him, I said, there's a man out here named Barack Obama. I want you to organize the FOI and let's get him elected. I never met him.

He got elected. . . . When brother wanted to be Senator, he came here, and in our office he asked for our support, and we gave him our support; not that we wanted anything from him in return, we wanted him to do good for the people that he represented. When he was thinking about running,  in fact when he said  he was going to run at Savior's Day 2007, I spoke well of him. I did not endorse him because I knew an endorsement from me would hurt his chances. So while he was battling with Hillary Clinton on an NBC show, they wanted him to denounce me.  All of this started from the Washington Post, a Mr. Friedman, picked up by the attack dog of the Anti-Defamation League, and they said we have to give him the litmus, the Farrakhan litmus test. He didn't want to denounce me. He tried his best to get around it. Finally they put they question to him, and Hillary Clinton forced it, and he denounced or renounced any support from Louis Farrakhan. Many black people said they were not going to vote for him, but I told them it was bigger than Louis Farrakhan, brother. . . It's not personal with me. It's about what's in the best interest of our people. I love M Gaddhafi and I love our President. It grieves me to see my bothter President set a policy that would remove this man, not only from power, but from the earth. That bothered me.

Now why did I call a press conference? At first it had nothing to do with brother Gaddafi. I saw the earthquake in Japan, and the tsunami that followed, and the damaging of nuclear reactors that began poisoning the air and the water, and I began to age as I was looking at it because I knew there was a deeper significance that God wanted me to look into, and when I saw the horror of the suffering of the Japanese people, and prepared as they are, as technologically proficient as they are, yet they were not prepared for the magnitude of what happened to them. And what made me want to call a press conference was to warn America that a major earthquake is on the way to you and me and us. Death and destruction is at the door of all of us and we are worse prepared than the Japanese, and the arrogance of the American government and people and to think that our nuclear reactors are secure when two major ones are sitting on a fault line. Much death. I will say it again. Much death is on its way. And what is that for? . . .
Brother Gaddafi was shocked. . . This is a dangerous trick that's being played on Barack . . .  I'm going to say it again. I'm going to ask you a question. What future does Barack Obama have after the White House as a brilliant, young, black giant? And what fear do those who hate him, what fear do they have? The knowledge, the experience that he has gained. How could he use it to organize, not in a little community, but organize people who suffer all over the world? So I warned him, brother, be careful because the steps that you are taking will ruin your future with Africa and the Middle East, and right now with what he's doing, Africa has turned thumbs down. The Middle East that had hope in him, Central and South America that had hope in him. When he was in Brazil, they were saying to him to go home. Yes, and the Brazilian government felt that he insulted them because the day that he landed talking about unity between those nations was the day that bombs were falling on Libya, and they felt  it was an insult to them for him to do that. Did any of you members of the press read that?

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  1. Gee...I always thought HE was the 12th imam. This is bizarre how the "nut jobs" are coming out of the woodwork now (Jesse Jackson, Calypso Louie, Al Sharpton, etc.). Has Louie ever come clean on how the Nation of Islam assassinated Malcolm X because he wasn't "Muslim" enough for them? Despicable!