Monday, April 4, 2011

Paul Ryan Will Offer a 2012 GOP Budget Which Will Cut $TRILLIONS

New GOP Plan Cuts $Trillions--Fox News Sunday

Paul Ryan is a brilliant, creative, and courageous leader.  Ryan stunned Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday when he stated the GOP will soon propose a budget that tackles entitlement programs head on, but in a gradual way that gets our debt on a downward trajectory. They will lower the tax rates and broaden the base, so no tax increases are needed. Ryan disarmingly agrees with Wallace that the GOP will be giving the Democrats a political weapon to use against them. However, he argues that our country can no longer kick the can down the road. We must deal with the problem now. So, the only way the Democrats can succeed is if they lie to the American public.  If they follow that tactic, Ryan said "Shame on them." 

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