Friday, April 29, 2011

Justin: Is Sarah Palin “Stupid” or the 2012 Choice?

Sarah Palin's youth following is growing. Many young people are concerned about their future and are turning to Mrs. Palin as their last hope for a secure and prosperous America.

These same young people who believed in Obama's contrived Hope and Change are now throwing their support behind Sarah Palin.

Meet Justin M Heilig of Organize4Palin (O4P) MO

24 year old Justin is a Nurse, Blogger, Political Critic, Activist, Student, and Palinista! Most of his spare time is spent refudiating, and ripping liberals to shreds like a rabid chihuahua. GRRR!

Check out Justin's Blog: Politify

Follow Justin on Twitter: @jmichaelheilig
To Join O4P TEXT: 4PALIN to 74679
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