Sunday, April 17, 2011

Tell Trump: Native-Born and Natural-Born Citizens Are NOT The Same!

Listen carefully when the media and various bloggers carelessly use the terms native-born and natural-born interchangeably, as if the two terms are defined the same. They most definitely are not!

If born in Hawaii, Barack Obama is an anchor baby, which makes him a native-born citizen. However, to be defined as natural-born, the child must be born on U.S. soil to parents who are BOTH already U.S. citizens. Obama Sr. held U.K. citizenship, and thus Barack Obama Jr. holds dual citizenship. Read Pieter Nosworthy's article below for a more detailed explanation.

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Presidential Eligibility Semantics
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April 17, 2011

Every day, more Americans are becoming aware of the doubt of some known as "birthers" regarding the president's eligibility to hold office.  Much of this attention is a direct result of Donald Trump questioning the nature of a birth document put forth as genuine by Mr. Obama. I am cognizant of the premise of these questions but dismayed that such is the focus of our attention.  In fact, I cannot fathom why supposedly intelligent Americans pursue questions of birth narrative when empirical facts answer the eligibility doubts without any consideration of such.  In fact, some have argued that Mr. Trump and those who encourage his vein of investigation do so at the expense of an obvious defect in Mr. Obama's right to hold office.

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It is critical that anyone interested in this constitutional point of order understand the fundaments of the argument: first, that the phrase that gives opportunity to those citizens desiring to hold presidential office -- "natural born Citizen" -- is used only once in the entirety of our highest legal document; and second, the premise for its insertion into the document as one of the three restrictive caveats for potential candidates (along with age and residency).  In a nutshell, the phrase "natural born Citizen" stems from concerns by John Jay (later first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court) that he penned to the constitutional convention president, General George Washington, in 1787.
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