Saturday, April 2, 2011

Obstetrician Reveals That All Hospitals, Including Kapi'olani, Records Every Birth In A Hand-Written Delivery Book

Hospitals across the nation require every birth to be recorded in a handwritten delivery book, resembling a ledger.  Has anyone asked the Kapi'olani hospital to check its ledger for Barack Obama's birth?

By F. Owen Smith
April 2, 2011

Now it can be told. In an exclusive to American Thinker, I reconstruct to the best of memory a recent meeting I had with a certain highly-placed government official in a certain pale-hued official government residence in a certain large city on the Potomac River. Although OpSec (Operational Security) prevents revealing actual names, you'll figure it out.  Here's what went down as I entered his office:

Thanks for seeing me, Sir, I'll be brief. As we say in the military, let's break it down, I mean, let's break this birthing issue down and get this albatross off your neck in one quick whiz-bang TV show they'll never forget.

Here's my simple plan: You open our show with a few remarks about how troubled you are over this silly "birthing issue" and how you want to address the very reasonable concerns of your fellow citizens, etc. Then you introduce me as a licensed physician and obstetrician who knows about these things and who came forward with a simple plan to help.

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