Friday, April 29, 2011

Attorney Mario Apuzzo: Even With A Birth Certificate, Obama Still Is Not A Natural Born Citizen

Obama Releases His Alleged Long Form Certificate of Live Birth But He’s Still Not a Natural Born Citizen
By Mario Apuzzo, Esq.
April 28, 2011

On December 20, 2008, I published an essay entitled, The Two Constitutional Obstacles that Obama Has to Overcome to Be President, accessed at  I explained that Obama has to first conclusively show that he was born in Hawaii. Having done that, he must still show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen” which is a child born in the country to citizen parents. I also explained that Obama may be able at some point to show that he was born in Hawaii, which would make him a “citizen” under the Fourteenth Amendment, but that he would not be able to show that he is an Article II “natural born Citizen.”

On April 27, 2011, putative President, Barack Obama, released to the public a digital image on the White House web site of his alleged long form Certificate of Live Birth. A majority of Americans have wanted Obama to confirm that he was in fact born in Hawaii. Yet, Obama refers to these concerned Americans as “sideshows and carnival barkers.” But worst than that, the document that Obama has released raises some very serious issues and confirms a critical piece of information.

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