Thursday, August 12, 2010

US $ To Support Sh100 Million "Cultural Center" Near Sarah Obama's Home

Well, well, well, look at this. A cultural center is to be built near Sarah Obama's home.  The center will have "diverse artefacts."  Just a wild guess on my part, but I wonder if some of the artefacts will be those returned to Africa through the Department of Justice's Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative recently touted by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Alternatively, maybe they're creating a shrine to Barack Obama as they await his divine repatriation to Kenya.

Importantly for American taxpayers is that this center is being supported by U.S. dollars.  We'll have to ask US Ambassador Michael Rannenberger how much this will cost us.

Obama family settle row over Sh100m centre's site
By Mangoa Mosota and George Olwenya
The Standard
August 12, 2010

The family of US President Barack Obama has agreed on a site to build a Sh100 million cultural centre in Kogelo, Siaya District.
After disagreements over the location where the facility is to be built, National Heritage Minister William Ntimama and US Ambassador Michael Ranneberger led a baraza that resolved the impasse.
Yesterday, Ntimama said construction of the facility, which will have diverse artefacts, would start soon.

Ranneberger said the US would offer financial support for the facility, and also bring in tourists

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  1. Shameful ... more US tax dollars being illegally donated to Obama's country of birth for a shrine to him and yet these cretins dwithhold ANY information about his origins and have even thrown investigative reporters seeking that information out of the country. Why should they benefit from such largese??

  2. FYI _

    100 Million Kenyan Shillings are currently worth about 1.25 Million USD.