Thursday, August 19, 2010

Insanity Reigns At The White House

Doubling Down on Failed Obamanomics?
By Larry Elder
Investors Business Daily
August 18, 2010

The position of chair of the Council of Economic Advisers is open. How President Barack Obama fills it can tell us whether he's finally gone wobbly on Obamanomics — maybe in time to arrest some of the damage.

Would President Obama, to fill a Supreme Court vacancy, ponder whether to nominate liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg or conservative Antonin Scalia? Would his finalists come down to Sonia Sotomayor or Samuel Alito? Elena Kagan or John Roberts?

Laughable, of course.
No, we've been driving that car for nearly two years. Voters elected a dangerous left-winger who trusts government to run health care, car companies, banks and the student loan program.

The driver-in-chief not only sees no need for a course correction, he wants to step on the gas.

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