Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sharpton Rally Participants Enlisted By Dept. of Education

Education secretary urged his employees to attend Sharpton's rally
By Lisa Gartner
Washington Examiner
August 20, 2010

President Obama top education official urged government employees to attend a rally that the Rev. A Sharpton organized to counter a larger conservative event on the Mall.
Although the e-mail does not violate the Hatch Act, which forbids federal employees from participating in political campaigns, Education Department workers should feel uneasy, said David Boaz, executive vice president of the libertarian Cato Institute.

"It sends a signal that activity on behalf of one side of a political debate is expected within a department. It's highly inappropriate ... even in the absence of a direct threat," Boaz said. "If we think of a Bush cabinet official sending an e-mail to civil servants asking them to attend a Glenn Beck rally, there would be a lot of outrage over that."

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  1. Thank you department of edumacation... I ride the bus!

  2. I find it rather telling that the media reported that the glen beck rally was primaraly white, but a black president calls for an all black rally. What was the topic of Al (I exploit the black man for money.) Sharptons rally?