Friday, August 20, 2010

Marine Veteran's Open Letter To President Obama

An Open Letter To President Obama
By Jeffrey S. Howard
Investor's Business Daily
August 19, 2010

In today's dangerous world, we need a president with experience, leadership and courage. Unfortunately, you have shown us little of those traits.

Your childhood and younger years denied you the opportunity to grow up as an American man, and that is no fault of your own. Unfortunately, your lack of empathy for and experience of a traditional American upbringing has left you out of touch with those of us who grew up learning the traditions and work ethic of our predecessors.

You have never accepted the honor of military service, or held and survived in any sort of entry-level working position. You are bereft of many of the basic building blocks of a true American personality and worldview.

You have never experienced the icy hand of fear caressing your gut during a firefight when your very survival from second to second depends on your luck, wits, fellow troopers and the grace of God. You have never sweated out a payroll when your receivables are late.
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  1. I suppose this could apply to George Bush too.

  2. Don't take this the wrong way, I am not a big fan of Obama but much you have said here can be applied to our last President as well GHW Bush as well as Clinton and most likely if you really looked more than one past President who fits this bill. While I agree we have issues in the country, snipping and attacking on issues that well can apply to more than one president, person etc and making it seem like it only apllies to him is wrong. Debates such as this would not hold up ginst a seasoned historian, porlitcal fixture or a good tv reported for that matter. Fox would be about the only outlet and MSNBC would use it for the other extreme.