Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shariah Index Project at Ground Zero?

Ground Zero Mosque's Hidden Websites:  Follow the Shariah
By Christine Brim

Do the math.  The 15 floors planned for the Ground Zero Mosque just don’t add up.
What’s the goal? Maybe the Imam’s goal is not simply to force a provocative “insensitivity” about 9-11 on the American public, with the help of America’s elites.  Maybe the Imam’s long-term goal is to force Shariah law on the American public – of course, again, with the help of America’s elites.

Why don’t the 15 floors add up? How many floors does Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf need for the mosque portion of this triumphal Islamic command center planned for the two building sites at 45-47 Park Place in New York City?  Think about it: maybe 2 floors for the mosque itself and related offices.  A 3rd floor for the swimming pool, a 4th for the 500 seat auditorium, a 5th for the halal restaurant and halal culinary school, a 6th for the art studios, the childcare center and library, a 7th for the gym and basketball court.  Add an 8th floor for miscellaneous storage and offices.  And then add a 9th floor for the September 11 memorial, an after-thought that was recently added to the Imam’s plan, although that may in fact be more of a room off to one side than a whole floor.

That leaves six mystery floors empty – or dedicated to other activities. Six floors – that’s a lot of offices, a lot of employees, maybe more than half of the 150 full-time and 500 part-time jobs the Imam says he’ll bring to Lower Manhattan.   What are Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf’s plans for those six mystery floors?
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  1. All of the extra floors wil no doubt be devoted to military and paramilitary training in peaceful religious concerns such as bomb-making (probably on the top floor so as not to damage floors above it in case some trainee screws up); beheading of infidels and miscellaneous others; poisoning of public facilities such as water supplies, shopping centers, governmental facilities; torture methods to inflict the most fear and loathing into adversaries so they will say anything; weapons training and firing ranges for sharpening the appropriate religious skills; hiding nooks and crannies to offer sanctuary to those in the country illegally (or otherwise) to do "the work of Allah"; storage areas for stolen gold, silver, currencies, jewels, etc. so as not to place in at risk of confiscation.

    Actually a spare floor in addition to these six might be advisable - in case of raids by loacal police forces, FBI, etc. as well as a lodging area for the 72 virgins needed.