Friday, August 27, 2010

Music video: My Land is Kenya - You'll Always Stay in My Heart

Today I read an article in The Standard by Peter Ndoria.  He writes about the activity underway to celebrate Kenya's new constitution.  In particular, he describes the music and life of singer Wyclef Jean, the man who hoped to be "the Obama of Haiti".  Unfortunately for Jean, Haiti's Electoral Council rejected his candidacy because even though he was born in Haiti, his residency in the US disqualies him as a Presidential candidate.  Ndoria says:
Until last week, Jean hoped to be the Obama of Haiti but an Electoral Commis that in today’s globalised world, a Haitian President can be brought up in the USA cut the dream short. They just need to look up North, at White House where the resident is of Kenyan origin and Indonesian upbringing.
Ndoria begins the article by describing Roger Whittaker's song, "My Land Is Kenya", which is considered one of Kenya's most patriotic songs.  However, Ndoria now likes to think of Jean's music as supplanting Whitaker's.  I had never heard Whitaker's song before, but I have found it and embedded the video below.  Whitaker has a great voice, and the song is very nice.  

What do you think?

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  1. Erica TPaws:

    TYVM for the moving "Obama Themesong" - he should memorize it to perform when he gets "back home" (in Kenyua). People will no doubt throw pennies, nickles, and dimes (all from US taxpayers, of course) onto the stage along with drencing the soil with their tears of appreciation.

    If not, perhaps they could play this: