Monday, August 2, 2010

Brilliant Resource: "Tea Party Tool Box"

Brilliant idea by The Heartland Institute!  By compiling these tools, the folks at the institute have done the heavy lifting for conservative activists. Just grab the tool (issue booklet) you need, and use it to educate yourself, family, friends, and everyone else whom you hope to influence. The Heartland Institute describes these booklets as ". . . a mini-library for elected officials, their staff, and all concerned citizens. Kept on a desk or in a drawer, they can form a ready reference on major legislative issues and policies. We also hope you will distribute copies to friends and colleagues who share your interest. You can download and freely republish it, or order copies . . ."

This summer, millions of Americans will attend Tea Party events and march in the streets to take their country back. To support their efforts, The Heartland Institute is making available free copies of booklets that present in plain English what needs to be done to reform health care, state budgets, schools, environmental policy, and more. You can read these booklets online, download, them, or ask for free copies.
Here are links to the documents:
Legislative Principles Series
Coming soon:
  • 10 Principles of Public Pension Reform
  • 10 Principles of Privatization
The following documents on the myth of global warming are also available:
Global Warming
To request free copies of these publications, call 312/377-4000 and ask for Dan Miller or Tammy Nash.


  1. A HUGE help on a multitude of subjects - TYVM!!!

  2. Much thanks for the info, Erica.