Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Palin's Encounter With A Protestor Takes A Bizarre Twist

The MSM is making much ado about the claim that Palin rolled her eyes while talking to a protestor in Alaska.  Maybe Sarah knew the protestor's description of her occupation wasn't quite right.  A video of Palin's encounter with Kathleen Gustafson is below.  Gustafson claims Palin is the "worst governor ever".  Turns out the protestor, who claims to be a teacher, is actually a singer in a drag queen band.

Kathleen Gustafson Radio Stunt? ****UPDATE:  Singer in a Drag-Queen Band Too?***Much More, this was a Complete Setup that Backfired****UPDATE:  Gustafson a "Theater Tech"?
MacsMind.com blog

Seems she’s a personality of sorts on KBBI AM 890 Homer Alaska. Far cry from just being a “school teacher” don’t you think?

Wanna bet she set this up as a publicity stunt. It would appear after getting aptly handled by Sarah she should have stayed at home.

UPDATE: Here’s a story about her singing abilities with a drag-queen band. Whoohoo!
UPDATE II: So far no confirmation of Gustafson’s claim to be a school teacher. However she is President, Board of Directors, Kachemak Bay. Family Planning Clinic (KBFPC) in Homer, AK. Figures.
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