Friday, March 13, 2015

Scott Walker: A Viable Presidential Candidate

Wisconsin now is the 25th state that has right-to-work laws, defying the grip upon the economy and employment in the United States. Unconstitutionally, federal government workers have unions, where entities decide about wages and benefits instead of Congress.
It is because of Governor Scott Walker who has relieved some of the tax burden of the raised taxes of his Democrat predecessor, Jim Doyle, who raised taxes to the amount of $1 billion soon after he had taken office in a reelection that should never have happened. His (Doyle) legacy is one word: corruption.

In 2011, Governor Scott Walker slashed collective bargaining rights for public sector workers (state government employees). It caused the Democrats and Union to rise up and declare a recall election. Governor Scott Walker won that election as well.
The federal government, and states that have income tax deduct that tax straight from citizens' paychecks, and because the unions have such political clout, so do they.
Upon signing the landmark bill, Governor Walker stated:
This freedom-to-work legislation will give workers the freedom to choose whether or not they want to join a union, and employers another compelling reason to consider expanding or moving their business to Wisconsin.
According to the New York Times, there are battles taking place over union fees in Missouri, New Mexico, Kentucky, for example. Even Illinois who has a new Republican governor, Bruce Rauner, has announced an executive order to bar state workers who choose not to be in a union from being forced to pay fees. Federal law already allows workers to choose not to join unions; but still allows unions to collect fees from nonunion members.
The percentage of workers across the country who belong to unions have dropped and the tyrannical union leadership are worried.
Democrat Rep. Chris Taylor stated:
This is about crushing unions.
Yes, Mr. Taylor, this is about crushing an entity that has long had corrupted practices and worked its way into our political system where it has gained unconstitutional power in the matters of government employees – many who have proven to be overpaid compared to private sector positions. Like the federal government, its growth of corruption and special interest power within that government has aided in ruining the economy and defying constitutional law.
A recent poll shows that Scott Walker's popularity has risen in terms of a possible candidate for the 2016 presidential election. The PPP poll: Walker (25%), Huckabee (11%), Paul (13%), Carson (11%), Bush (10%), Christie (5%), Rubio (3%), Perry (3%); Jindal, Santorum, Kasich at 1%.
Senator Marco Rubio lost support over his part in the Gang of Eight that conceded to President Obama's immigration policies, which included the RINO, John McCain. McCain is testament for limited successive tenure in Congress.
The federal government legacy of corruption and bureaucracy has been steadily progressing over the decades, but the Obama Crime Family has accelerated the process, with the help of spineless so-called 'Republicans' [RINOs] help. It is time for constitutionalists to make their mark on the political scene in Washington and state governments; the latter has a better record at actual reform than the federal, central government whose constitutional tasks has been set aside for progressive socialist policies. If one needs a physical example of what our nation would look like with progressives in charge, one merely has to visit Detroit and other cities with a history of Democrat and Union control. The two entities are, and have been, intertwined; just as the Unions were founded under socialist and crime syndication. Legislation has helped the plight of workers since the Child Labor Law. Corporations and the business industry has also changed with the advent of policy that employment competition creates better wages and benefits. Employers have become enlightened to the fact that keeping good workers is beneficial for the business and the economy; but the exponential growth of bureaucracy in the federal government with its tax and spend agenda is the real threat for employment and the economy.
Private sector competition has always proved to be beneficial in several ways, and that includes free trade.
Humanity has shown throughout history that they do not learn from its own history. In the 21st century we should not be making the same mistakes made in the 20th century; we certainly should not be tolerating medieval ideology and theocracy either.
We should be endeavoring to make a global effort to make life better, knowing that Utopia is nothing but a socialist's false promise and a pipe dream. We should be putting more concerted effort in peaceful space exploration, reaching out to the stars like the medieval people reached out to the New World. Instead funds are wasted on socialist bureaucracy and wars that should not be waged and violence committed in the name of the Creator.

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