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My Brother's Keeper: An Obama Social Program

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My Brother's Keeper program was initiated and created in February of 2014. The White House email touted:
A year ago, President Obama announced "My Brother's Keeper," a new initiative designed to address the opportunity gaps faced by too many young people in America, and boys and young men of color in particular. Yesterday, the My Brother’s Keeper Task Force was proud to release a report showing the progress we've made in the past 12 months. When he announced this initiative last year, the President explained how he grew up in a "forgiving" environment, how the people around him in school and in his community pushed him to work and study hard.
Those that have bothered to research the background have revealed who those mentors and people were that “pushed Barack Hussein Obama to work and study hard” were:
Stanley Ann Durham – Barack's mother was a 1960s liberal feminist and an atheist. Little is written about his mother's political views and affiliations, but she certainly influenced Barack.

Frank Marshall Davis – Obama refers to him as “Frank” in his book, Dreams From My Father, and was a member of the Communist Party USA

Saul Alinksy – was an avid and open socialist and commonly referred to as the “father of community organizing”. He created organizations that relied on street agitators such as the Industrial Areas Foundation, where Obama learned organizing tactics. Alinsky wrote the book, Rules for Radicals, which Obama was photographed carrying in his first year as President of the United States. Barack Obama worked with the Developing Communities Project and the Gamaliel Foundation, both inspired by Alinsky's tactics and socialist philosophy.[See Rules for Revolution]

John L. McKnight – has been referred to as Obama's “community organizer mentor”. He taught Barack about community organizing while they both worked with the Gamaliel Foundation. McKnight is also a former ACLU director and sits on the board of the National People's Action (NPA), another leftist group. He teaches at Northwestern University and wrote a letter of recommendation to Harvard for Obama. 

Reverend Jeremiah Wright – nicknamed “Uncle J”, was Barack's former pastor and mentor and Barack and Michelle attended the Trinity United Church of Christ regularly for about 20 years. The philosophy of the church is based upon the black liberation theology of James Cone. When running for president, Barack Obama denounced Reverend Wright after 20 years of friendship. Barack and Michelle were married in the church and Rev. Wright baptized their two children. The pastor is also affiliated with the radical Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan, giving Farrakhan a lifetime achievement award through the church magazine, Trumpet

Father Michael Pfleger – a white priest with a predominantly black congregation in South Chicago also had a relationship with Obama for about 20 years. He has received hundreds of thousands of dollars in earmarks and foundation grants from Obama and has contributed to Barack's campaigns during the course of his political career. Like Wright, Father Pfleger preaches racial sermons and give support and admiration to Louis Farrakhan. Pfleger claims he “got very educated by the Black Panthers – very educated”. 

William Ayers – an unrepentant domestic terrorist and anti-capitalist. He was the leader of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) in the 1960s and one of the militants of the terrorist Weather Underground organization. Ayers terrorist activities are well documented and he has given speeches of praise of Hugo Chavez and his regime, trying to implement that philosophy in the Chicago school system for decades. Ayers served six years on the Chicago Annenberg Challenge (CAC) with Barack Obama. Both headed branches of the CAC that worked on funding projects. He also served on the Woods Fund with Obama for three years. In 1995, Ayers hosted the event at his house that provided a start for Obama's political career. Ayers wrote a book on the juvenile justice system that Barack endorsed and both were on a panel set up by Michelle Obama to discuss the merits of the book and legislation at the time. Despite his criminal background, Ayers is a professor in Chicago.

Bernadine Dohrn – wife of Bill Ayers and also a radical leader of the Revolutionary Youth Movement of the SDS and the Weather Underground. She was the signatory of the Weather Underground's “Declaration of War” against the United States. She was a communist, Marxist-Leninist, and a convicted criminal for her action of violence in the 1960s and 1970s. Despite that fact, Dohrn obtained a position at Sidley & Austin, the law firm where Michelle Obama worked. Dohrn is an adjunct professor at Northwestern. 

Mike Klonsky – a Maoist and former SDS national chairman in 1968, who formed the October League, when the SDS broke into several factions. Later the October League became recognized by Beijing as the US Communist Party (Marxist-Leninist), which Klonsky became the leader. He took over the Small Schools Workshop created by Ayers and Barack was one of its chairs. Klonsky was an official blogger propagandist for the Obama presidential campaign website in 2008. 

Marilyn Katz – in charge of security for the SDS, where she met Ayers. She was part of the Committee of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, which organized the 2002 anti-war speech in Chicago where Obama spoke out against the Iraq War. Katz was a signatory of the Progressives for Obama website and founder of the Chicago Against War on Iraq. Katz held fundraisers for Obama in her home and was a media advisor for the Obama presidential campaign in 2008.
Carl Davidson – former leader of the SDS and a Maoist, like Klonsky. He was one of the organizers for the 2002 anti-war speech. Davidson was the webmaster for the website, Progressives for Obama, posting blogs from other 1960s radicals.
Bill Fletcher – he as a 1960s Maoist radical and one of the creators of the Progressives for Obama website. No evidence of a direct connection to the Obama 2008 campaign, he endorsed the call of the Black Radical Congress with Obama advisor, Cornel West, and connected with Obama in other areas.
A complete list of organizations and affiliations is at the USA Barack Obama website. It clearly shows that voters in 2008 and 2012 did not do their homework when checking the background and character of candidates. As in so many interviews and conversations, people were more interested in electing the first “Black” president – and anything, even the truth, portrayed was wiped away as racism or a conspiracy theory.
While Barack Obama claims that his program, My Brother's Keeper is for “ALL” - notice in the following propaganda film what race is being represented.
In 2016, Obama will not be able to campaign for president; but his Democrat counterpart, Hillary Clinton intends to do so. Obama has opened the door for progressive socialism and if Clinton is elected it will be accelerated – maybe to a point of no return. The FCC has managed to bypass Congress through the Obama memorandum and executive order actions that will lead to governing the Internet like the government now oversees your retirement and health care among other things.
One can see why Obama has a foreign policy of appeasing radicals – he was mentored and affiliated with them as a “community organizer”.
President made many promises like unification and a 'transparent' government. We can see just what he meant when he used “Change” in his campaign; constitutional law is accelerating into oblivion.
"Brothers" in the name of the program apparently are geared for the 'brothers' of our society; but hey, racism appears to be only one-sided according to the doctrine of King Obama.

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