Thursday, March 5, 2015

State of The Union: Oligarchy in the Making, the Hillary File

Hillary Clinton is one of the group of Democrats who provided the name 'Progressive' to their socialist agenda that have been dubbed as liberals for some time. Just as some Republicans cannot be coined as 'conservative', so the word 'liberal' no longer applies to the Democratic Party of the United States.
As far as the agenda of Hillary and her political elite group, they are progressive socialists with an agenda described as - 
oligarchygovernment by the few; a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purpose

Indeed, that is a good description of the Obama administration.
The New York Times, which has been an ally to Hillary in the past, reported the discovery that when Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State she never used her official State Department email address for official communications. The Washington Post reported that Hillary had registered her email address the same day her confirmation hearings for secretary of state began. Of course, she was confirmed by the US Senate that had Democrat majority at the time. Her response falls in the category of her commentary during the Benghazi scandal hearings: “What difference does it make?” …
MSN reported her response …
The former secretary of state is not the first government official to use personal email in such a way, but the regular practice is unusual, Jason Baron, a lawyer who used to be director of litigation at the National Archives and Records Administration, told the Times. “I can recall no instance in my time at the National Archives when a high-ranking official at an executive branch agency solely used a personal email account for the transaction of government business,” he said.
The White House, as Politico reported, “offers little defense of Clinton in email scandal. Congressional investigation demanded email to research anything that pertains to circumstances and events leading up to and actions taken surrounding the death of Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans who fought for their lives for seven hours with no rescue being authorized by either the State Department or the commander-in-chief.
Hillary Clinton has a record of 'losing' documents. As Ben Shapiro wrote:
...she is the only first lady in American history fingerprinted by the FBI, and the FBI found missing documents with her fingerprints on them in the White House personal quarters. But the media SuperFriends quickly activated to protect Hillary. Glenn Thrush of Politico tweeted that Hillary must have relied on incompetent staffers and lawyers. Ron Fournier of National Journal tut-tutted that this made her "no better" than Republicans. Of course, the media also ignored Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Oman handing millions to the Clinton charity just before Hillary's big run.
Obama's administration also has a track record when it comes to using private email in order to prevent discovery of unethical and illegal actions. So much for the promise of a transparent government, one of the main complaints against George Bush via Barack Obama in 2008.
Lisa Jackson of the Environmental Protection Agency used a private email address under the name "Richard Windsor" to conduct official business. According to Vice News' Jason Leopold, the Department of Defense told him that they would not release any emails from former Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, since "SecDef does not maintain an official email account." Other Obama administration officials using unofficial email accounts include former Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius and Donald Berwick, the former head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
Ben Shapiro:
Welcome to the most transparent administration in American history, where the Federal Communications Commission can regulate the Internet and keep those regulations secret before a vote, where top government officials can deliberately hide their emails from the public, but where your health records, income and emails are all government business. … The federal government can punish its own employees for enforcing federal immigration law; if you oppose this, you are a racist, but if you hire an illegal immigrant, you will be fined or imprisoned. The feds can monitor your electronic metadata, but they can hide their own correspondence from records requests. After all, they are our betters, and we must kneel before Zod.
Judicial Watch is suing Hillary over the email issue. 
Along with the email scandal, Hillary has been exposed in several scandals and only people surrounding her have paid for their crimes, the latest being that she “aggressively lobbied for Mega Corporations as Secretary of State”. Wall Street Journal reported on the complex corporate ties
Early in Mrs. Clinton’s tenure, according to Mr. Hormats, Microsoft’s then Chief Research Officer Craig Mundie asked the State Department to send a ranking official to a fourth annual meeting of U.S. software executives and Chinese government officials about piracy and Internet freedom. Mr. Hormats joined the December 2009 meeting in Beijing. Mr. Hormats says there was no relation between Microsoft’s donations and the State Department’s participation in the China conference. Before every overseas trip, says Mr. Hormats, the former undersecretary of state, he helped prepare a list of U.S. corporate interests for Mrs. Clinton to advocate while abroad.
Michael Kreiger wrote:
Hillary Clinton’s biggest weakness is that she doesn’t actually stand for anything other than money and power. … As you will see from the following Wall Street Journal article, she spent much of her time as Secretary of State lobbying overseas for the economic interests of behemoth corporations from ExxonMobil to Boeing; and from GE to Wal-Mart. All of this masterminded by former Goldman Sachs chairman, Robert Hormats. Coincidentally, these corporations turned around and gave very generously to the Clinton Global Initiative.
She is already gaining attention with her campaign program for 2016 with allegations of misuse of campaign funds and illegal donations (again).
The solution to all the political ills is not a singular problem. Decades of progression toward where the United States stands today will not be overcome and reformed overnight.
Remember that the Hurricane Katrina recovery fiasco happened during the watch of George Bush and also remember that the economic woes was starting to accelerate and became prominent before Bush left office. However, the Democrats have now established clearly visible corruption, and with the help of a bias media will continue its course unless there are enough of those willing to 'stay the course' in a complete and true reform operation.
George Bush was incorrectly accused of lying about the WMDs that the Democrats used to justify their vote for his campaign to end the terror of Saddam Hussein, but the economic disaster and the bailout with taxpayer funds was before the Bush administration period. He also denied that there was plans for a North American Union. Secretary State Kerry has signaled that the NAU program initiated by the two Bush presidents would be continued. He also has stated that the Hillary email discovery is no big issue. It would have been if it was a Republican.
"Late Great USA" by Jeremi Corsi details the systematic destruction of our national sovereignty - by both sides of the political aisle.
While George Bush did not use executive orders to encourage illegal immigrant invasions, his administration like others before him, ignored their obligation of enforcing law. The immigration issue falls squarely into a political category, not a humanitarian effort. The long-term goal is to gain more voting support and thus cementing power for the progressive move toward oligarchy. It is all with the help of the majority of We the People, who have been indoctrinated in government-controlled educational institutions and have developed into a society where self-serving is their motto and forgotten are the principles that makes good society and good government. The Founders were aware and warned the people that government cannot become corrupted without first corrupting society. But to the progressives, they were just old men who wore wigs and their wisdom in establishing the Constitution and its amendments is secondary to the fact that slavery was not abolished when the Constitution was enacted. Our educational system has been corrupted ...
Hillary Clinton as been and always will be dangerous. I just hope enough people in the primary elections of 2016 realize that. On the other side of the political aisle, the GOP establishment must be quelled and candidates like Romney and Jeb Bush need to be pushed to the shadows of history. Candidates with the special interest donors and millions of dollars to spend on campaigns seem to be the only ones that can endure a campaign to run for office. Having wealth is not evil, but when it is used in politics it pushes aside sincere citizens who want to make a difference and constitutionally minded candidates.
Americans do not need 'moderates', they need conservative constitutionalists – like what the Tea Party movement is trying to advocate. Government will continue its growth of corruption unless the constitutional republic with limited government is returned as our form of government.
The Obama administration has compared the urgency of the fight against global terrorist tactics of the Islamic Jihad with the Climate Change phenomenon. Most so-called deniers who rely on common sense and scientific realities, will not disagree that climate and weather throughout Earth's history has experienced a changing pattern that can be extreme. It is the campaign to use large amounts of government funds and energy to stop something that is a natural occurrence. Cleaning up our air and waters around the globe is a good goal and keeping that way is imperative; however, no amount of funds or political clout can change what Mother Nature can dish out. The best that can be done is to adapt and do what we can to keep our air and water clean, while still retaining the technology and industry required to maintain a modern society. Climate Change is undeniable, but the consensus of what to do is an illusion.

James Clapper, US National Intelligence director, stated that about 180 Americans have traveled to Syria to join Islamic Jihadist militants and 40 of them have returned.
The United States and its allies believe that more than 20,000 foreign fighters from more than 90 countries have gone to Syria. Islamic State forces have taken over large parts of Syria and neighboring Iraq. U.S. officials have expressed concern that some Americans, radicalized and trained to stage attacks in Syria, may wreak havoc when they come home. … He acknowledged that U.S. efforts to recruit, vet and train "moderate" Syrian rebels would be a prolonged effort.
The solution here is simple. Americans who are found to be traveling overseas to join the enemy should have their passports revoked and not allowed to reenter. Putting them in prison is a waste of time because those institutions of incarceration have become recruitment centers for Islamic Jihadists – and, get this, the Obama administration is using funds to send known Islamic radicals to those prisons as clergy. What was that about “separation of church and state” the progressives always point out? Any clergy of ANY religion that wants to go among inmates to obtain converts or be a religious representative for believers in incarceration should be a matter of religious institutions who get donations and are tax-free, non-profit institutions. Taxpayers should never have to pay for religious activities orchestrated by the government.
Maggie wrote:
Fouad ElBayly, an imam who called for the death of Ayaan Hirsi Ali after she criticized Islam, has been hired to ‘lead and guide’ Muslims in American federal prisons. You, the taxpayer, are forking over $12,900 for two contracts, but ElBayly isn’t the only one on the DOJ’s payroll, and we pay again when the radicals are released into society. You’ll see below that our government has been sending radical Muslim groups into prisons to proselytize for eight years.
Fouad ElBayly is an imam stepped down after he issued threats of violence to unbelievers.

Christians have been in the news frequently for months, specifically Christians overseas. They have been victims of horrific attacks that is just unbelievably evil that includes beheading Christian children. Thousands of Christians from many nations are traveling to those places where Christians are being systematically murdered and their churches either destroyed or desecrated. Recently, a story broke from Mirror UK that Yasir Abdulla went to fight ISIS after hearing about a mother who was tricked into eating the remains of her son. Thus far, that story has not been confirmed, only coming from one news source; however, the fact that Christians are answering the call to help other Christians in Islamic Jihad countries is documented. Yasir Abdulla is a Muslim who is a British citizen, stated he is aware of other British joining ISIS, but as of yet have not encountered any in battle. This bit of news is refreshing to see Muslims standing up against evil that has used their religion as a front for their despicable acts and 7th century theocracy.
Stars and Stripes also has reported that folks from Western nations are heading to Iraq and Syria to fight against the Islamic State. Some are veteran US military personnel as well as from Australia and Asia. The volunteers are screened before being allowed to join the fighters against Islamic Jihadists.

The Department of Justice, according to CNS News ...
...legalized 100,000 illegals by executive action before injunction. … The injunction barred the Obama administration from implementing "any and all aspects or phases" of Obama's expanded DACA (deferred action for childhood arrivals) program. That program allows certain illegal aliens to live and work in the U.S. for three years instead of two. … The Justice Department also indicated it does not plan to undo what it has done.
Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) stated that Chicago has – made sure that we no longer cooperate with immigration authorities when it comes to the deportation or separation of our families.
The Judicial system is in serious need of repair - especially the stacked US Supreme Court whose justices serve for life or until they decide to retire; being very hard to impeach. 
Welcome to the future where the present-day invaders become part of the political power.
In a recent WH news conference, Josh Earnest was asked: “Would the president raise taxes by executive action?” That question was sidestepped naturally, but the question is understandable since Obama has the audacity to continue side-stepping constitutional law. Remember that in his January State of the Union Address, President Obama called for higher taxes to match his spending. That tax plan has been determined “dead on arrival” by Congress. Is it a coincidence that the FCC is soon to be more involved with the Internet? That is an area ripe for tax gouging.
I hope someday to have a more promising and positive report on the condition of our nation; but it will not happen without the effort of the majority of We the People who insures that constitutional law is the foundation, not a passing institution.
The way that things are going the Obamacare program is the beginning of the end of liberties and control over the private sector by We the People. 


  1. My husband found a really good article that explained how sunspots are responsible for a lot of weather conditions. And the lack of sunspots as well. Pretty much debunks the idiots blaming global warming on puny humans.

    I still say the earthquakes that shifted the earth's axis a few years ago must have had an effect as well, but no one talks about that.

    I was glad that Romney pulled out. Jeb Bush needs to also.

    I just don't get why more people don't see and get upset about all this dangerous crap that Democrats are pulling. Scary and sad.

    God bless.

  2. Your husband has found the reason for many weather anamolies. None of the junk scientists are noticing that during sunspot cycles the weather goes weird in various places. Another factor that any person who attended high school science class is that CO2 is beneficial for plants, who in turn provide O2 (oxygen) - the importance of having prolific plant life on our planet.
    Yep, sick of the Bush clan and while Romney has good character, he just doesn't have what it takes. Effectively, he is just too nice, always trying to please everyone.
    And I agree with your assessment. I am glad that you and your husband are intellectual enough to investigate what too many want to view as consensus. In science, nothing or rarely is anything a consensus. For example, Albert Einstein and his E-MC2 formulat was viewed by him never to be practical ... it was the basis of discovering the use of atomic energy. Unfortunately, he never lived long enough to see that the energy that destroyed two cities in Japan and are a danger to the world today, especially by evil Jihadists, that the universe was created with the underlying foundation of that very formula and that energy can be put to good use instead of destruction.
    Anyway, best regards to you and yours ... K

  3. And so the "commentary", devoid as usual of any cogent analysis, shows us the world according to a dedicated and obedient Teatard.
    Such a blatant disconnect from reality would be shocking in other venues, but is merely par for the course for these sophomoric communiques from Dumbf**kistan.

  4. No retort against a comment so blatantly nonsensical and delusional, except for this: Tea Party patriots favor the return of constitutional government - and people like you put them down, mostly in unjustifiable rhetoric and unsubstantiated indoctrinated dogma.