Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Wisconsin in the News

Our governor here in Wisconsin, Scott Walker, is a potential candidate for the primary campaign for the presidential election of 2016. The Progressives [Democrats] must view him as a threat because their media folks are trying to find any dirt they can discover about him or make up from misinformation, gleaned from facts. The only thing they can come up with was that he did not complete college. His record as Governor of Wisconsin speaks for itself and denounces such negative media tripe and during the CPAC 2015 conference, he shows his potential and grasp of what must be done for true reformation and get our nation back on track towards what the Founders had in mind …

As Thomas Sowell wrote in his Random Thoughts [on the passing scene] article:
The mainstream media seem desperate to try to find something to undermine Republican governor Scott Walker's rise in the polls. The worst they have come up with is that he didn't finish college. Neither did Bill Gates or Michael Dell. The Wright brothers didn't finish high school. Neither did Abraham Lincoln or George Washington.
Viewing the overall curriculum and administration of colleges and universities in the United States, one wonders if that is truly a bad thing not to get a degree in college. The Internet has provided a vast amount of opportunities to be self-taught on subjects ranging from arts and crafts to meteorology. Benjamin Franklin was removed from school at ten years old to work with father at candle making and later at 12, worked in his brother's print shop. Later in his adult life he made scientific research in electricity, mathematics, and map making. He helped draft the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, negotiated the 1783 Treaty of Paris as the first ambassador of the United States in his elderly days despite suffering from gout and kidney stones. He wrote articles, self-published articles and established Poor Richard's Almanac which continues to be printed Farmer's Almanac more than 200 years later.
This is all presented not to denounce the importance of 'higher education', but to emphasize the importance of a well-rounded education that provides an individual with knowledge to become successful at a chosen career and an intellectual citizen. Attending a college or university also presents the opportunity (suppose to) to engage in intellectual discussion and exercises in 'What If' discussion.
Academics often defend tenure, despite its many negative consequences, on grounds that it allows academic freedom for independent minds. Yet there are few places in America with more taboos and intellectual intolerance than academic campuses. The young are indoctrinated with demographic "diversity" that contrasts with a squelching of diversity of ideas on social issues.
The goal of our educational institutions are becoming almost extinct in the educational institutions of the US because federal government control has decreased intellectual speculation and constructive discussion; with the progressive ideology that whatever they decide is a consensus of finality. This was markedly evident when it referring to the original theory's name - so-called “global warming” theory, changed by progressives after Al Gore gave a global warming speech in New York City during one of the worst snowstorms in the history of New England. That periodic nasty weather continues today; a part of Earth's history of constant weather and climate changes it has experienced since it became a living planet.
As Thomas Sowell wisely wrote in his RandomThoughts
It is remarkable how the Internal Revenue Service has been "losing" e-mails that Congressional investigators want to see and how "global warming" researchers have been "losing" the raw data on which their dire predictions have been based. In the social sciences, people just frankly refuse to allow their raw data to be seen by critics of such sacred cow policies as affirmative action.
While the media is in a frenzy over Walker not finishing college, little is said about the scandal concerning Senator Tammy Baldwin (D-WI) whose only notable highlight in her political career is being the first openly gay member of the US Senate has gotten herself in trouble with the VA and its veterans. She has been chastised for not addressing the issue of the high rate of opiate prescriptions coming out of the Veterans Affairs center in Tomah, Wisconsin. Indeed, thanks to the policies of being a sanctuary state for illegal immigrants, the drug cartel has taken full advantage of it that includes an increase in heroin trafficking here in Wisconsin.
In the process of this scandal that has linked three deaths of veterans because she sat on a report for months, she fired her top aide and orchestrated with her lawyers a means to keep that aide from squealing by providing a confidentiality agreement. This is what Obama and politicians like Tammy Baldwin call a 'transparent' government, politicians who once elected forget who put them in office. An ethics complaint is presently being processed against Senator Baldwin a proven incompetent politician that Wisconsin voters put in office anyway.
In addition, the Associate Press reported:
Tammy Baldwin wrongly appropriated taxpayer funds to compensate a Senate employee who would not have performed official government duties while also fraudulently offering a contract to silence a former employee in order to save Baldwin’s career,” Joe Fadness, the executive director of the state Republican Party, wrote in the complaint.
Senator Baldwin is just a tip of the iceberg in unethical and corrupt as well as pushing the national debt into astronomical amounts that can only lead to national disaster.

Barack Obama is so confident that the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare) is such a success that he can move forward and commandeer yet another aspect of private enterprise and unconstitutional authority: regulating retirement of the Middle Class of the United States.
The progressives, as they progress more openly towards a big brother socialist state, Obama is working toward controlling the investment world in the private sector. He already has finalized the takeover of auto manufacturers and his predecessors have commandeered the banking system through the Federal Reserve, and now the Internet has been breached by a closed door event at FCC who will now be in charge of overseeing the Internet. I have to say one thing about progressives: they are diligent and patient, taking away liberties and freedom one step at a time. Sadly, there are too many Americans who are applauding the ruse and those steps. By the time they realize that their compliance and belief that government can run their lives better than they can, it will be too late. It is what the Founders and Ronald Reagan so fervently warned citizens. Too many are either forgetting or ignoring common sense and logic; all of which was the basis of establishing the US Constitution and its amendments.
Scott Walker is not spewing out promises he cannot keep, his terms as governor show that he works hard at achieving and sometimes passing that criteria of campaign promises. Wisconsin is not a state that abides by the Second Amendment and Wisconsinites may, if they choose and qualify, can obtain a concealed carry permit. He and the state legislators have gotten rid of an old law that made no sense: people can now hunt during bow season with crossbows (but not during gun season). The Wisconsin legislator is working on deleting the 48-hour waiting period for handguns. It is one of the regulations/laws that has not caught up to the modernization such as conceal carry permit regulations. Other states have gotten rid of the waiting period because it has never proven to deter firearm crimes. Governor Walker and the state legislator has relieved businesses in Wisconsin with Draconian and outdated laws and regulations that hinder business operations for no justifiable reason. Those changes also include tax breaks to help citizens and businesses to stay abreast of the economic downturn that has affected the nation. As he indicated in the video presented above, Governor Walker worked towards passing a law that allows workers to decide if they want to join a union, without fear of losing their jobs or not obtaining new ones.
If one looks at the situation “outside the box”, Governor Walker should announce that he is flattered and thank the mainstream bias media for the increased incentive to run for president in 2016 via their smear campaign attempts. It means he is a viable candidate that may win the Republican primary and ultimately win against whoever wins the Democrat primary and become the 45th President of the United States.

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  1. I was so disappointed that the Republican house caved on DHS. They should have let them go unfunded. We don't need them with all the illegals in the country to get amnesty. I am so frustrated with all of Obama's illegal activities that are going unchallenged. We do not have a monarchy. Well, not on paper anyway. Ugh.

    I so hope we got to have that election, and can settle on two good, constitutional conservatives.

    Thank you, Keith. God bless.